Can’t seem to get as high with my vape

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Ryan420weed, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. I want to be you. It would cost less...

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  2. thc is hydrophobic ( sceeeered of water) - lipophilic etc... thc is not water soluble at all and passes right through... it does stick to the glass and can be solvent reclaimed at a later date when enough builds up and condenses on th e glass... plus I've seen reports that show vaping to be close to 90% efficient in cannabinoid extraction compared to up to 25% efficient smoking it

    A also vape through glass with no water... it really cools the vapor and makes it less harsh allowing higher temp hits that reach more sedative compounds that may not heat release @ lower temps
  3. Welcome to the EQ world, and enjoy its thousand uses. I love that beast.
  4. What Chemicals Are in Marijuana and Its Byproducts? - Medical Marijuana -

    This link will show you further some compounds and stuff in combusted marijuana specifically.

    "With regard to the carcinogenic potential of marijuana, it is noteworthy that the tar phase of marijuana smoke contains many of the same carcinogenic compounds contained in tobacco smoke, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, such as benz[a]pyrene, which was recently identified as a key factor promoting human lung cancer.. Preliminary findings suggest that marijuana smoke activates cytochrome P4501A1, the enzyme that converts polycyclic hydrocarbons, such as benz[a]pyrene, into active carcinogens."

    This is why you're getting a different high from smoking. If you're looking for the same high, you're not going to get it. These compounds cause undesired effects along with their own brand of high. You are literally getting way higher off a vape than combusting but the high you get from combusting is totally different. Its actually harmful.

    If you dont feel a high, it's because your body is already used to the high you get from combusting. Once you havent combusted in a while, you'll actually start get get higher as your body gets rid of those chemicals and your tolerance to the high they provide.

    So the answer to the question does combusting get you higher is NO

    It DOES however get you high in a different way with carcinogens and toxicity.
  5. I find you get highest of the thing that you are least used to.

    And with vaporising, you need a good one. Get a mighty or crafty, and then tell me if that is not getting you stoned. Or a vapeXhale for destop.

    Although, I do think, when you get used to smoking. The pleasure and flavor of smoking is far superior to vaporising. The flavor of vapor is fantastic too. Its far easier to get used to, and nice taste immediately.

    You have to smoke for years, before your taste buds filter out the bad taste. And when you get to that point, smoking good cannabis is just heaven. The taste is just stronger and it remains in your mouth.

    But bad weed is also horrible when you smoke it, whereas, with vaporising, since its not burning, the cannabis doesn't have to be as good.

    Unfortunately, your taste buds immediately get used to vaporising and smoking is now horrible like it used to be when I first started.
  6. I´ve been using an Atmos Vicod 5G almost exclusively for the last two weeks. My previous method of consumption consisted of bong hits and the ocassional joint.

    Finding the right temperature, amount of weed, the grind, etc., has been a trial and error process but i have had better and better results over time.

    My best results: Fine grind, about half the container filled, and 190°C. I am baked now... really baked. And i have developed tolerance over time.

    I might go back to joints and bongs in a social setting, but for my daily consumption i´m sticking to the vaporizer. Seriously considering getting a volcano.

    PS: At first i was worried about the "cloud" produced (or not produced)... a lot of videos show an insane amount of vapor from this things. It hasn´t been my case. Sometimes it produces more vapor (higher temps), but in general i exhale almost nothing. May depend on the strain/humidity. In any case, my experience is that vapor exhale is irrelevant... you definetlly get high.
  7. Tolerance building up

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  8. get a desktop vape that does bags (extreme Q or Volcano the 2 I know of) I fill a bag, attach it to my bong and get twice as ripped as just smoking a bong
  9. I feel like one of the biggest issues smokers who start vaping have is they judge their experience based on their vapor exhale. Not realizing that is the smallest concern. Like you said its a learning curve to learn the right amount, grind consistency, and so fourth.
    At lot of people also buy cheap $50 vapes and wonder why their experience is so bad as well.

    But I’ve seen it recommended that if you smoke/combust and want to start vaping. You should take a tolerance break of 1-2 weeks to get the best high from vaping.

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  10. Seeing as how i have a extreme Q i think I'll buy a bong attachment and I have been well over due for a T-break (to much good ganja) so whenever i can order the adapter I'll start my T-break, because I really do want to switch for health reasons... just 20year + toking bowls i fear I'll always crave that green hit from a spoon
  11. I combusted for 13 years and didn’t think I’d be able to switch to vaping but was way easier than I thought.

    In my opinion I don’t think T break is necessary.
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  12. Also you may want to visit

    They have a lot of useful information there about different vapes and techniques.
  13. I suggest that people thinking about changing to vapeing only vape for awhile and then combust only for awhile, after switching back and forth a few times most people will find their most favored method of consumption and they are all set. If they find both methods pleasing or convenient they will discover that too.
  14. Thats incorrect

    When you smoke the higher temps produce thcv which is a thc blocker
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    This is not at all abnormal.
    While at first you may feel that you are getting less medicated, it is partially because new Vaporists are missing out on the Carbon Monoxide mixed with combusted hits. When one inhales smoke, they get a small carbon monoxide "slowdown", which after time becomes part of the "high" they grow to expect.
    The Hebe Titan 2 is a conduction vape. A large number... (most) portables do use conduction technology.
    Vapes utilize either convection, or conduction, generally speaking.
    I have a Titan 2 here, but you will notice it is not listed on my signature or more updated list of my units on my "information" (about you) section of my profile. It is not listed because I do not enjoy it.
    I am not equating price with quality, but admittedly the Titan 2 is a bargain for the price, and some other vaporizers can be more pleasurable for you to use.
    Conduction uses herb pack in tight proximity and bakes the load in tight quarters, and it can be harsh.
    Convection uses loosely packed herb, and employs hot air being drawn through the loose herb to produce your vapor. Convection can produce better flavor, and to some users (myself included) it produces a more medicating effect.
    It is my hope that you can get opportunity to try a couple of different desktop units that utilize convection.
    Perhaps this will provide a more positive experience.
  16. @Hamato Yoshi

    Im not sure what you were disagreeing with
    Evidence below

    But it if it was an attempt to stand up for your mate cause i called him out for being rude in tge vaporizor club thread then it shows the type of person you are. Feel free to disagree but we all know why
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  17. This changed my mind honestly, thank you mate
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  18. So busted out my extreme Q last night stuck with vaping 90% of the night
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  19. I have the arizer extreme Q paired with the DDave mod. Whoever says their vapourizer doesn't get them as high is simply doing it wrong. I don't mean that in a disrespectful way. I didn't like vapourizers either till I got the right set up. My vape get's me the most high with my flower with the least amount used. Thick bong clouds of vapour are much more effective then thick bong clouds of smoke. There is a drawback though to vaping. A session takes much more time then smoking.

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