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Discussion in 'Grasscity Forums App' started by DharmaBum, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Hello. For about a month I have had trouble posting to my grow journal. Worked randomly once last week but other than that I get a message that says my post is inappropriate or spam. I don’t think it’s either.

    Please help


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  2. I read another thread that said take off the sent from message on the app. That worked.

  3. Yeah, that seems to be the cause of many not being able to post. Glad it worked. :)
  4. Now it tells me I can’t post pictures past two days. Doesn’t give a reason. Getting tired of this BS. Please remove all post restrictions from my account please. I can self moderate.

    Really Wtf? Do y’all want users?
  5. @Lizard King is the one that deals with all things tech and he should be aware of all of these issues since he is tagged in most of the threads....but let's try a few things.

    Go to Settings and then Apps on your phone. Find the GC app in the list and clear the cache and see if that works, @DharmaBum (let me know what happens, please).

    You have NO post restrictions on your account. This is an app issue.
  6. This side message is for all growers in case you are having issues. We are having to approve a lot of grow posts that are getting stuck in a Moderation Queue which is basically a queue for spam posts so they don't hit the forums. Every one of them have the "Sent from..." message on them so if you are having issues, try removing that first.
  7. Tapatalk team is working on a way to resolve this issue. We either lower our spam parameters which will be like suicide or we will have to wait for a solution. We fully understand that it is frustrating but not much we can do.
  8. I made a small change , let me know if this will resolve your issue
  9. Still not working. Thanks for the effort guys, but I think I’m over it. Been two months of struggle to post.
  10. Can you please try using browser to see if you are having a similar issue

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