Can’t lose weight ??

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  1. It seems like regardless how much I eat or how much i exercise in the form of walks I cannot lose weight .
    any tips ?
    Advice ??
    Can’t do more then walking because of bad knees and can’t lift weights because torn bicep the doc/surgeon wouldn’t fix .
    I don’t particularly eat a lot of food I can keep track of everything except calories because most my meals are home cooked.
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  2. Calorie deficit is the only foolproof way to loose weight, so you basically have to track them. Get a food scale and use an app, most foods even homemade are on the apps.

    Have you had your thyroid checked?
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  3. It's all about the timing...

    If you don't eat from the morning until night and eat then, and even have a few munchies later.
    You can't have any sugar in the day. Not even a tsp of sugar in your coffee.

    This will cause your body to use up the glycogen stored in your liver and when that runs out it will use fat.

    You can still eat protein and amino acids, just no carbs. A tsp of glycine can sweeten your drink, and that's a simple amino acid, not a carbohydrate.

    but everyone likes carbs :/

    just drink tea in the day is prob best. any tea.
    eat a good meal at supper, not too much.
    have some munchies a few hours later.

    and do some exercises. any of them that raise your heart to 75% max for 15-30 min a day (at least).

    btw, millions of people have done and still do this kind of fasting. AND if you are using your body a lot (like construction or labor work) then you gotta eat more.
  4. Fast.

    Try only, ONLY drinking water for 2 or 3 days. Soups before and after the fast, don't jump into a greasy burger right away.

    You will lose weight and shrink your stomach.

    I did a 5 day fast, it was difficult but doable. Everything smelled good, even foods you dislike.

    Afterwards, I got full much faster.

    I fast about once a year.
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  5. join a swim club and follow the ladies around the pool,
    I do ballroom dancing and have to watch my weight,
    for that I'm always thinking about that extra snack
    but the discipline pays off better
    (I do miss throwing the babes up in the air can't now, due to back issues)
  6. A long time battle here, until I realized If you don't change your style of eating nothing will change permanently. If less calories in then out won't work, fire up the metabolism with small frequent snacks. My cardiologist said to get my heart rate up to (my target heart rate) for 30 minutes to an hour daily. What's working for me now, (don't laugh) Nacho's thermagenic workout: I sit in the hot tub until my heart rate goes up & I can't take it any more, then into a cold pool (spa 104, pool 75) repeat 5-6 times. I can loose 1-3 lbs sweating out toxins while toking & enjoying an adult beverage. seek a "professionals" advice before starting a new program.:smoke:
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  7. If you don’t consume enough calories to maintain your current weight, you’ll lose weight; it’s really that simple…
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  8. if you have never done it? it is anything but simple. Simple to lose wt, maybe. the hard part is keeping it off, unless you change.
  9. Simple law of physics when it comes to eating/weight; if don’t put it in your mouth, you won’t find it later later on your ass…

    17 years ago I weighed 305 pounds,,, after 6 months of “push-aways”, I was down to 200 pounds… I still weigh 200 pounds… I don’t have a “diet”, and I don’t count calories,,, I just learned to avoid junk food, and to leave the table a mite hungry…
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  10. This is the way say to yourself "Shit was that lunch?" always a winner
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  11. So you changed the way you ate, my point exactly, & you are spot on with the push aways & leaving the table a tad hungry. you will feel fuller in 10-20 minutes. unfortunately people r not physics text books, nor all the same. every person is gonna have to figure things out themselves IMO. been thru a gastric lap band, numerous diets, lost 50-75 LBS numerous times & gained it back +++. Was alot more, now down over 100 & 2yr steady 30# loss. Not sure if the manatee will still pay to swim with me.
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  12. i agree with this and a thyroid check out , cut out all drinks other than water , you would be real surprised how many toxins your body will expell just from drinking water, worst enemy is cokes.
    the wife has cancer, and she been gaining weight , last month with her blood test we found out her thyroid count had gone up , she then went up from 100 mg to 137 mg of her thyroid meds and she has stopped gaining weight and not hungry all the time, so get it checked mate
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  13. Damn that sounds nominal actually lol. I would do that, but I would be embarrassed too at my apartment complex :laughing:
  14. Counting calories can be very hard if you cook your own food , you’d have to measure each serving of shredded cheese and odd stuff .
    Ouch sorry about that diagnosis hope she recovers . Docs never asked to check my tyroid.
    how did you lose so much weight, even if I have a calorie deficit I still seem to gain weight from not eating enough.
  15. It's funny how your body can get rid of toxins just by using water. I know, I use to work in a hospital. And I hate to see their water bill!!
  16. Try gastritis!
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    Months or years of consuming more calories than needed to maintain your weight leads to weight gain. To reverse this, you need to eat less, making the body use stored fat as energy which leads to weight loss. That's why calorie deficit is important. But there are cases when a person is in a 1000-calorie deficit a day but doesn't lose weight. Here I can suggest reading this articleаlorie-deficit-but-not-losing-weight/ It helped em figure it out when I faced this issue. There is always a reason for this. Some of the possible ones are:
    - increased stress level
    - your weight has plateaued
    - slow metabolism
    - you are not sleeping enough
    - muscle growth
    - hormonal changes
    - your scale is lying to you (it also happens, so make sure that it is calibrated and always measure yourself at a specific time of the day).
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  18. Yup. Get an app like MyFitnessPal (at least thats what i used years ago. There might be better out there now) and a food scale. It's the only way to truly see how much we eat in a day. It can be surprising where the calories come from.
  19. Describe what you eat in a regular day, portion size, and the timing. Also, what your exercise looks like and the timing/duration of it. You mentioned home cooked meals, but the only ingredient you mentioned was shredded cheese. I would stop eating shredded cheese, to start. When you provide more detail, there will be more feedback.
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    I agree keeping track of the cals in & activity (cals burned) can be extremely useful but in the big picture can U keep it up for life? I'm more of a Kiss principal guy, just look at your plate & say "is this the best I can do now?" & eat it or not. Don't fret over it, just own it & move on. Do better next time. A personal tip GO SLOW, you didn't gain it overnight don't expect to lose it fast & then end up with huge flaps of skin to be removed later surgically.
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