Can’t get rid of these little bastards, HELP!!!

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    Hey guys, I’m having a hard time controlling pests on my plants. Doused them with neem 3 days ago and then again last night, checked the undersides of her leaves this morning and still see this little fuckers everywhere. Are these spider mites? What can I do to get this under control before these things destroy my plant? As far as the neem goes, I feel like I sprayed very thoroughly but it’s impossible for me to make sure I got every single underside since my plant has so many leaves now. This is my first grow ever and I really wanna make it to harvest and reap the fruits of my labor. Please help!!
  2. I've found the best way to beat pests is to use more than one method when attacking them and keep rotating. You also have to remember the pest have a life cycle. So while you may spray today that doesn't mean the eggs won't hatch. I've used safer brand, neem, and Spinosad with solid results over the winter to fight russet mites. Neem for the most part works by clogging up mouth parts so until they snack on your leaves it doesn't do much.

    Best of wishes.

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  3. Awesome thanks, I’ll try it out hopefully it works. I was also planning on buying a ton of live ladybugs today and unleashing then on my plants. Think that’ll help?
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  4. I don't know the name in English but in Spanish jabon potasico you can buy it or diy. watch this link
    after made it dilute 15ml in 1liter of water. I made this before and I use it in lime tree 2 application in 1 week
  5. Yes those are spider mites. Ladybugs are a good idea, but outdoors is going to be hard to keep them on your plant without some kind of netting. Neem isn't a pesticide as much as as it's a pest-subside.
  6. Neem every 3 days for couple weeks. Then weekly after that as preventive maintenance. Or lavender oil will work also.
  7. Lady bugs.
  8. 1980's was the last time I had spider mites:

    back then Neem was too weak and used Malethion
    its hard core so keep it away from any bud

    good luck
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  9. As a last resort use Avid. It's fucking expensive but it goes a long way. You need to take care of this before they start to bud.

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