Can’t get my temps down

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  1. hi My 1m tent has a 6inch rvk in-line fan and rhino filter, and I have an oscillating fan, my ambient temps are 22 degrees and my tent temps are 30, I am using a 400 watt mh as I thought it would be cooler than a 600 hps?

    I have a 600 hps in the living room (same setup but 1.5m tent) and my temps are 26??? So I’m confused a little lol
  2. Your tent may be too small. You could easily fit a couple quantum boards in there that would do even better than the HPS/MH.
  3. On mine, I try and move as much outside air from under the house as possible and take the exhaust up into the ceiling. This keeps the humidity and Co2 very good.
    I run a 5x5x6.5 tent and use to run 600 watt HID in there.
    You said you have a 1x1 tent, I think Sade in right, your tent is to small for that large of light.
    You can run at night times on your lighting schedule to kinda help.
    If not then a AC unit would be about your only option or a bigger tent.
  4. Money’s an issue atm tbh I just sort of have to work with what I’ve got, do you recon a 600hps is cooler than 400mh?
  5. Dude if money is a problem wait until you get your electric bill.
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  6. How much do you recon 2 6 inch inline fans , 1x400mh, 1x600hps is costing a month I didn’t even stop to think

    Fuck it it’s all going to be recouped hopefully haha
  7. An LED will use half the electricity of an HPS/MH. Maybe a little less than half. Even in my city they are getting rid of the old street lights and replacing them with LED.
  8. Your hps will produce heat thats similar to the MH.

    You rather need to spend more on equipment or load your plants with silica, use co2 and bump up your RH to be in VPD range.

    Those are pretty much your only options im affraid.
  9. my MH burns hotter than my hps
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  10. I cant really remember, but when i ran hps in veg i thought it was around the same. Either way its not a drastic difference.
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  11. how many HPS watts was you running bro lol how did you feel with electricity :D @GrowerAnonymous
  12. I ran 3x 600hps for tooooooo long, electric bills disgusted me
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  13. The 400 is in a smaller space that's why it's hot and the 600 isnt. Put the 600 in there and it will be hot too.
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  14. You would have to find out how much your electricity costs, over all energy consumption and add up the hours to figure that out. Electricity cost different from place to place. One of my 600s runs me about $20 a month

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