Can’t figure out new double tree perc bong?

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  1. So I recently purchased my first piece with percs, which looks just like this: Google Image Result for

    And I can’t figure out if it’s broken/defective or I’m just an idiot (it’s probably the latter)
    When start to fill it:
    The downstem is off. I pour water in from the mouthpiece, and it falls into the bottom where the downstem is, the bottom perc, and the top perc. Problem is that it continues flowing out of the top perc immediately, so the slits are not covered/submerged in water at all. When I hit it, I have to either 1) take the bowl out and inhale before putting the bowl back in and lighting it, so that some water is sucked up into the first perc & barely covers the slits
    Or 2) bring a water bottle with me and pour it into the mouthpiece so it covers the slits IMMEDIATELY before lighting up, so the water doesn’t spill out before I can take a hit.

    What am I doing wrong? Is there some sort of leak in the top perc? I can see it trickling down one side when I pour the water in.
  2. I feel like the water should be staying in the top perc always to cover the slits, no?
  3. Can you post a pic? Sounds leaky.

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