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Campus parking officers reporting hotboxers?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bobby82, May 3, 2011.

  1. Do you think a universitie's parking offcer would report someone, who has their parking permit, blazing in their car?
  2. It's their job to report illegal activity in their jurisdiction. So I'd assume they would report people for hotboxing on campus.
  3. Daammnnn.
  4. Unless you bribe them, with a dub
  5. yeah man they will bust you thats part of the job lol my school actually doesn have parking renta cops its got it own police station pretty much in center of campus and you see the fuzz all over all day baking is possible if sneaky but i dont risk it
  6. Tint your windows, stick a sun cover over the windshield and hotbox till your head caves in.
  7. now what makes you think they would ever report someone engaging in an illegal activity on their property?

    then again they may be more lax according to your location but remember that even if it is a more liberal state that does not mean it is not illegal and doing it on private property doesnt help

    hope you got lucky

  8. but dont open the god damn door.......:smoke:
  9. lol reminds me of high school i didnt have tinted windows but when it was snowing bad we would go bake my snow covered car in the parking lot scary getting out cause we couldnt see out the windows so security could technically just be chillin waiting for us lol

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