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  1. camping is awesome.. im going soon with a few friends. weed beer guitars fire and of course nature. need i say more??

  2. For sure I am going with my cousins. Hopefully I'll have some weed then. There will be beer of course. Love it haha
  3. I just got back from a cottage trip up in northern Michigan and it was amazing. I got invited with by some family friends for the weekend and I couldn't pass it up. I spent an entire morning just exploring the lake in a row boat, I waded in the river, rode ATV's and chilled out with nature. I also played one of the most beautiful golf courses in the state. Gotta love it.
  4. we love to camp. if you are anywhere near ohio camp at
    everyone there smokes and it is such a chill place
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    You forgot one crucial item... Smores!:hello:

    and if your near a body of water, a fishing pole is a necessity.

    Also my favorite camping spot is in the Adirondacks

    o yeah how could i forget my black lab
  6. agreed, camping is awesome. I go to the boundary waters a couple times a summer. it's f-in sweet and smoking in the great outdoors is probably my favorite thing ever
  7. Hell yea I'm going camping this weekend,
    I just got done making 7 firecrackers {3 gs total[2gs mids/1g dank]}
    Eating half friday & half saturday
    Also saved a few brews from a party last weekend [7]...
    should be a trip.
  8. for sure im taking my fishing rod, going to be casting ;)..
    might try mushrooms, first time. oh and my friend is getting salvia which i love :D
    going to hotbox a tent for sure, unless the owner is too much of a pussy and doesnt want it to reek of weed..

    and i live in canada, everyone smokes here and its a chill place
  9. Nothing like drinking beers by a campfire. Bring atleast a 30 pack with you, they go quick when you drink them slowly during the day and then get drunk around the fire.
  10. i prefer smoking over drinking at camp fires now days.
    because i dont wake up with a shitty feeling.
    plus nature is really cool when you smoke pot.
    so it makes camping that much more meaningful man.
  11. gotta love going camping. last time i went on a one night trip, i rolled about 5 joints and smoked them with my buds. we had a blast!
  12. i went camping with two of my freinds, it was a two man tent between three people,so you can imagine how squished we all was, but anyway, we took burgers, didnt cook em properly but munch is munch, hotboxed tent for the night, then we woke up to hear cows mooing and sniffing our tent, so we had blatently camped in a cowfeild XD!
    still pretty high we walked throught a swamp an then missioned it to a dudes house to sleep and eat,,,,good times :')
  13. Not really, that's all you need man.

    I love getting wasted and ripping some campfire tunes on the guitar. Up in Smoke is always a classic.
  14. If you don't like camping you fucking suck:D:D:D:D:D
  15. Well that about sums up camping. Nothing goes as planned, but nothing is as enjoyable.
  16. To everyone bringing beer and whatnot remember: Pack out what you pack in, leave no trace.

    As much camping as I've done nothing pisses me off more than inconsiderate campers. People go outdoors to get away from the litter in everday life not to be surrounded by it.
  17. True dat.

    That's an old Boy Scout thing, leave the place the same or better when you leave. It's pretty simple, just don't be a lazy bum.
  18. Not just a boy scout thing, an international rule of camping.
  19. give me a blanket some food cigarettes weed beer my dog and a big 4x4 to drive up a mountian i love being outdoors
  20. Tell me you pick up EVERY cig butt you drop....

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