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Camping with Bud, Possibility of rain.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nichevo, May 14, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone, me and my friends may go camping tomorrow and I'm planning on bringing an 8th if we do. We live in Northern NY so we can easily find a completely secluded place to go camping and smoke so cops are not an issue.

    The real issue is rain. There is a possibility of rain tomorrow as there was today as well. Today it went over us but I'm not sure about tomorrow. My question is this; has anybody camped in the rain before? I mean, would it be that bad if we had a tarp roof over our tent so it doesn't get in? Has anybody camped in the rain before, especially with bud?

    The only reason we need to go tomorrow if at all is because they are going to be busy every weekend for kind of a while. So does anybody suggest going still or should we call it off?

    Thanks everyone :smoke:
  2. tarp roof over tent + hotbox tent= enjoyable...and to sum people, they like the rain...i suggest going..alot of people like to listen to rain and chill
  3. Set the tent under trees. And just hotbox in your tent.
  4. You'll have to get a rain guard for your tent if it doesn't already have one I'm sure, otherwise rain will leak into the corners and pool along the trenches in the floor. A tarp should work fine, the bigger the better.

    Smoking in the tent should work too. Camping in the rain isn't bad. If there's no thunder/lightning, tree cover is awesome. Even if it's raining a lot, the bases of some large evergreens stay dry.
  5. If i were you i would def go, there is nothing better than hot boxing a tent with some friends while its raining. Put your tent under the trees put a tarp over it then the rain fly. Make sure a tarp is also under it or you will def get even more soaked. As for the bud keep it in your pocket, or in one of those tent pockets that hang above the ground (if you have one). I usually just put it in my shoe though. Have fun
  6. I've been camping several times during even heavy rains, and I've never gotten anything important wet.

    Just make sure you don't pitch your tent in a depression in the ground that will collect water, and, as other people have said, make sure your tent has a rain fly, and if not, use a tarp.

    Sleeping in a tent all warm and cozy while listening to the rain is one of life's sweet pleasures, so I imagine toking in one could potentially be even better.
  7. Alright cool, thanks everyone for your help! :smoke:

    We've decided we are going and putting the tent on a hill under some trees.

    We are also going to run around in the rain like little kids when we get stoned :smoke:

    Nothing better than getting soaked in the rain and going inside and changing into a nice new set of clothes while sitting in a sleeping bag :smoke:
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