Camping + Weed is amazing

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by ILLICIUM, May 25, 2009.

  1. to those who haven't, do it. best time ever.
  2. i cant believe how pointless threads can get
  3. Dude. Yes.

    My friends and I always roll out to this campground in FL every summer, and just get blown for like 5 days straight. Its a blast. I don't think I've ever camped sober come to think of it. :hippie:

  4. so?

    its a MARIJUANA forum... what did you think would happen?

  5. This thread has a point, "camping and blazeing is awesome!"
  6. Amazing, actually. :D
  7. Never been camping but I love blazing then going for a walk in the woods. It's like the colors are much more vivid. It's just so cool lol
  8. Haha buddha and nature coexist perfectly. However camping on an eighth of dank lab shrooms, and a quarter of fl og kush amazing night. :) Best part was we had a hookah in the tent with a strobe light of some sort, and outside the tent was our grill area and sittin ' blunt circle area. Deffinately one of my most favored memories of all time :)
  9. Camping in Holland:

    you gotta try it!

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  10. Quite possibly the best thing ever.

  11. I cant believe how pointless your post is. Didnt your mother ever tell you that if you have nothing nice to say dont say it at all?

    Anyways... camping + weed is AMAZING. i have to agree. There is no better thing to do than sit around a camp fire and smoke some bud. Or hot box the tent. Or wake up, stoke of the fire, cook some bacon, smoke a bowl, then head out for a day of trout fishing.

    nature rocks. weed makes it better. ohh yea, blazing then going rafting is awesome too. It makes all the rapids bigger, scarier, and just that much more fun.

    I agree, if you havent done it, DO IT!
  12. Oh man i know exactly what you mean. Me and my friends chill in the tent and hotbox and listen to peter tosh. good times
  13. If it wasn't so hot here right now I would be on that right now. Damn Jersey humidty.
  14. Omg. Me and the topic starter were out last night, Didn't have much weed left, but more than enough to get us blazed, Some Soco, Great music, night ever.....And one that will definately be repeated many times in the future. :smoke:
  15. yes, I concur. :D
    soda butte creek. yellowstone national park
    oregon cascade mountains
    montana absaroka mountains. this hole had three species of wild trout. and like 100 of them in this hole over 8''. It was nuts!
  16. but, y'know what's even more amazing????.....BACKPACKING+weed!:D:hippie:

    SW Montana



    okay, I think gc's seen enought of my outdoors photos for a while.
  17. camping + summer sun + marijuana = AWESOMEEE :metal:


  18. yah i wana do that too. that would be amazing.
  19. Every year I go camping with buds. (By that I mean both kinds.) Nothing like waking and baking on a campsite, with the smell of the sea :)
  20. Going to do it this wednesday through sunday, so stoked!

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