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Camping Trip Question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StuttersDaily, May 24, 2011.

  1. So, me and my friends are planning to take a camping trip :smoke: this coming weekend because we have an extra day due to memorial day. We're picking up a 1/4 of dank and I'm wondering what would be the best thing to do to get the most out of this bud. We have an acrylic bong but I dont want to bring that cause it would be a hassle. We're thinking to roll plenty of j's and some blunts. Does that sound like the best thing to do? Gimme some advice GC community!?
  2. Take the bong.. Take it.
  3. I'd probably take the bong...
  4. Mix and match. Roll a few j's and bong the rest
  5. The joints and blunts will be fine. It would be better if you had a pipe of some sort though. Maybe make a lung? there disposable also.
  6. kk, ill probably take the bong if you guys reccomend it.

    i did forget to mention that i have a pipe, should i bring that instead of the bong?
  7. Yea lol would be easier to carry
  8. you should bring an mflb and a ton of bateries :D
  9. Bring pipe and bong. No joints or blunts.
  10. bowl it is then, the mflb's not a bad idea. my friends got one. could come in handy
  11. well stuttersdaily buy some blunts and papers, just to have a little variety.

  12. thats the plan reefer:smoke:
  13. Bring everything. Bongs or blunts around campfire, j's and MFLB hiking :)

    my first time smoking was while camping--it was awesome. Enjoy it!
  14. I wouldn't take any pieces.. Just bring blunts and joints. They're the best for walking around the woods with
  15. Bring it all.
  16. now im really torn between what to do. joints and blunts are easier, but im thinking that bringing it all will probably pay off later by getting me a lot higher. am i right?
  17. Joints and blunts are easy to get rid of quickly if need be. If you are not worried about running into the "police of the campgrounds" bring your pieces and take snaps all day...
  18. dude just go get like a small piece, i would suggest a non glass piece though cause if you're camping you might drop it. i would personally go for an acrylic bong for this, or a steam roller. they are harsh as shit, but i love using them i made one out of bamboo and an old metal bowl, it hits like a champ. if you live near bamboo just do that
  19. I use spliffs to make my weed go further

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