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    Post any stories about camping below.
  2. Went camping in my cousins rv. Didn't smoke at the time, they never have as far as I know. So unfortunately this story lacks weed. But we hella chilled most nights. We'd play video games inside the rv on Xbox360. (Damn, is an rv even camping?). Then chill outside in sleeping bags, check out some stars, munch out like crazy. If I could go back in time and be high for those nights, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Good ol days...

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    Heres one: Last summer i went camping with my grandparents (there religious freaks and are against weed) and i brought about 1.5 grams of bud.. I have to say, without the weed the trip would of sucked but i got high alot aha.. About the whole time i kept it in my sock and just walked around with that motherfucker.... The first 2 times i smoked in the deep woods and it was horrible.. The third time my grandparents left to go to this gusmaker basketball thing so i had a wake n bake sesh but this dudes dog ran like literally five feet away from me and started barking and i had to hide behind this tree.. Fourth time i smoked at night and walked through these woods and fucking tripped myself out thinking about slender man.. and the last time i smoked at the beach but it was really windy and i only got like two hits.. Two things i learned from that trip 1)Theres more mosquitos in the woods than you think.. 2) Receipts don't work good for rolling papers...
  4. I am yet to have a nice baked camping trip, but I remember when I was like 10 or 11 I went on a trip over the mountains with my ex best friend, his mom, and her boyfriend. The trip was fun but we switched tents the last night (I owned our small tent we slept in, they owned the large one his mom and her boyfriend slept in) and I was pretty sure they did it in the tent, which I threw away after the trip. I went on the same trip again a year or two after, only that time the car broke down up the road from a really crappy motel where they let us stay for a couple of nights for free. The second one was like the single shittiest camping experience I've had
  5. Hahaha I don't know if this counts as actual camping but last summer I pitched a tent in the woods behind my house with some buddies just for shits, and when it got dark we all got high and looked at the stars and had a debate about aliens hahahaha, it was a great time
  6. Sounds wonderful
  7. Not really. Well, it depends.

    If you have a pop up on the back of your truck or a tent trailer with a cassette toilet and an ice chest with a stove, I call it camping. If you're in a primitive campground.

    Eventually I want to invest in a Four Wheel pop up for my truck. Want it custom made with a toilet, large closets, and a stove with an outside hook up for a BBQ. Mmm, steak and taters with a beer is good livin.
    Maybe throw in a Bluetooth deck to play classic rock from my phone.

    If you have a motor home or fifth wheel complete with a generator, laundry room, and a flat screen TV it ain't camping! Especially if you have full hookups.

    I've been RVing since I was 8 years old. My mom raised me in the outdoors.

    I've camped in just about every campground from LA to The 395.

    Saddlebag lake is hands down, my absolute favorite, behind Tuolumne Meadows. Yosemite Valley got shitty over the years.

    Carpinteria has been by far an awesome camp spot on the beach above Ventura.

    I've camped in Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Glacier NP before dipping into Canada. Did it twice. Once when I was 8, in tents. Then when I was 10 with the pop up. Both trips, we spent 3 nights out of 3 months total in an actual room.

    I still remember dumping 5 days worth of shit in a regular toilet and clogging the fuck out of it. Ahh fun ass times when I was young. I still remember my 8 year old self, wearing gloves and hauling 30 lbs of raw sewer and my priceless look when the camp host caught me :O

    Ever been in a tent trailer when there was a blizzard and fucking hurricane force winds and there were grizzly bears in the area? Its Intense my fellow blades!

    I've camped in just about every way.

    In the back of my mom's car in freezing Temps

    In our old tent trailer.

    In our Class C motorhome, even drove it a few miles.

    In the backcountry of Yosemite for a month, catching my own dinner and processing my own drinking water.

    It's amazing the shit we all take for granted.

    I also decided to go camping last year spontaneously after work with my Civic. Just me, the Civic, $20 in pocket and my goal was to survive 3 days with JUST what's in my car. I survived. It was a hell of an experience. Went up by Shaver Lake and just parked off, set up a primitive shelter, broke out the MRES and chilled. Paracord, you can never have enough of it!

    Next adventure, I'll be camping Miami Creek OHV just me and my quad.
  8. Tell us how it goes
  9. Will do. Might have my mom in tow but Idk yet.
    Long read but hopefully someone enjoys my stories lol
  10. damn where do i start?
    I made a post about a story from the roadtrip / cross country camping trip i was on with my dad almost 13 years ago.
    So many stories to choose from, but here's a good one.
    My dad and I started our trip in LA, california. We drove up north all the way to the Canadian border in Washington. He was concerned that border patrol would not let him bring his hunting rifle through to Canada, so before we reached the border, my dad stopped by the last gas station before you hit the checkpoint. He got out of the van, took the rifle and carefully placed it in the hood of the van and closed it. Then we hit the border.
    The border patrol asks all the usual questions. Then he asks about any weapon or guns we may have. My dad says no.
    BP: "Are you sure you don't have any guns or weapons in your vehicle?"
    Dad: "No weapons, no."
    BP: "Are you sure?"
    Dad: "yes i'm sure. no weapons"
    BP: "Sir, pull over to the side and exit your vehicle with your son"
    They take my father and I to a processing room while they looked in the van. I overheard some BP agents saying that the gas station clerk called and said some asian man was putting a rifle in the hood of the van while they were all laughing. So the first place they checked was the hood, and there it was. 
    Quick rewind: my dad lost the magazine to his rifle, so he loads and shoots 1 bullet at a time.
    The BP Agents noticed the magazine wasn't attached to the rifle, so they ask my dad where it is. We tell them we lost it a long time ago, but of course they don't believe us, so they start to tear the whole van apart.
    another quick rewind: In preparation for our 2-3 week trip, we packed a LOT of kimchi (fermented spicy cabbage) in a huge ice chest.
    So the BP agents start taking everything out, and then they see the ice chest. They pull it out of the van carefully and proceeded to open it. I swear some of those BP agents got whiplash from yanking their head back so fast to escape the god awful smell of kimchi. They closed it immediately without looking in it and started to stumble away with their hands covering their nose. They ask what's in it, we tell them there's over 6 different types of kimchi in there. I guess the stench was enough for them to send us on our way, with a small fine. 
    They said we can mail the rifle back home or forfeit it. We chose to leave it behind and go on our way with our massive amounts of kimchi. 
    I think we got a kick out of that more than the BP agents did.  :)
  11. One time I went camping... It was in tents

    LOL sorry fresh off a bowl and felt the need to post that.

    But a real story. We went camping and I got there late. My buds were already drunk so they told me to catch up. Finished a jar of moonshine in thirty minutes tops.

    Then we went to the rope swing and boy did it hit me. I went first, and, once I left the ground I was like shit I forgot to take off my shirt. So I tried doing it swinging. Went back and forth seven times before I did and jumped in.

    Then later I went again and jumped early and had my ass dragged five feet on the ground.

    Funniest part was people were watching us and on the way past them back they asked if I was retarded.

    Wish I wasn't so fucked or else I would of given a proper response lol

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  12. Nice stories guys.. I plan on driving up to California to go camping with some buddies this summer.. Does anyone know of any fun/good campground s?
  13. go to big sur man. id also recommend el capitan if you can score a spot in time, they usually fill up pretty quickly but honestly big sur is more worth it 
  14. This defiantly looks like the place for me and THANK YOU so much for the recommendation :) however, i went on their site and couldn't seem to find prices.. It seems like you have been there before, so do you have any recommendations on which park we should go to? I plan on bringing 4 people and were driving from Michigan to cali
  15. I lived in Gould Mesa
  16. Yosemite. hands down, gotta see it bucket list man! Hike Vernal and Nevada falls, Mirror Lake (the back way). Just look up Yosemite.

    Book all the campgrounds now while u can. If you decide on Yosemite, book Yosemite Valley or Tuolumne Meadows.

    North Pines sites 502, 504, and 506 are bawmmb. Big site, right on the riverS, tucked away nicely too.

    On your way, you have to see the Friant Fish Hatchery on Friant Road in Fresno. Make a right on 145 from 41 north. Make a right at the light, you'll see it. Some award winning trout!

    Venice beach, Hollywood but you'll need a cheap motel for that area

    LAX In N Out has absolutely breathtaking views of 747s landing 50 feet over your head. That's on Century and Sepulveda. Its a cool little detour for lunch.

    Carpinteria State Beach is good

    If you want the Solvang experience, stay at lake Cachuma or the Chumash Casino.

    Hmm, definitely gotta see Mariposa California on the way to Yosemite and all its historic towns. That's my backyard :wave:

    Too bad the Jefferson Hotel that had Mark Twain as a guest burnt down last night or you could've seen it! :O

    You'll want to see San Francisco. Not too familiar with the area. :(

    Your best bet driving;

    Come into Los Angeles from Vegas via Interstate 15.

    Stay at Vegas, recoup refresh and what not. It's a 6 hour drive.

    Stop at AMBOY, CA and Halloran Springs/Negroehead rock. Amboy is a ghost town, Halloran Springs is a cool dirt road with nice views

    When you get to LA, get on the PCH and head to Venice and Hollywood, any other LA icons you want to see. Have cash in Venice, you WILL want something there.

    On your way up north;

    You can stop at Six Flags Magic Mountain just off the I5 in Santa Clarita.

    Before Fresno, you can see the International Agriculture Center in Tulare. The Central Valley smells like cow ass, lol.

    In Fresno, there's nothing to see. move on.
    If you insist, there's a Costco on Herndon and Blackstone (Costco #657) to recoup.

    See the Friant Fish Hatchery for sure.

    When you get to the small town of Oakhurst, make a left onto CA49. It's the first light.

    There's a shopping center with a Chase, Vons, smoke shop etc so makes a good stop.

    In Mariposa, stop at the old Gulag they used for executions.

    Make a right on CA140 and stop At Briceburg or the Indian Trading Post for cool stuff.

    Boom, you're in yosemite.

    After, you can always take the 120 Westbound and eventually get back to Manteca/Modesto area and get back to Frisco.

    Safe travels my friend. I know Yosemite and California like the back of my hand, PM me if you need help planning!
  17. Yah dude this looks amazing.. Do you know how much it cost?? And do you thing they will be booked for summer?!? Because i cant get a spot until june
  18. Sites book within an HOUR of opening up. Go on for booking.
    Tuolumne Meadows is half first come first serve. People line up 3am sometimes, I did at 5 am once
    Punch in the destinations

    Get in shape for high elevations, get some good camping equipment now
    If you're wondering the cost of supplies I'll try to sit down and give you a rough estimate. 4 people right?
  19. :( Ill only be able to book a site when its june..... So if i wait to june (have to) do you think id still be able to get a spot? And yes 4 people
  20. Not a chance. You can get a spot in Fresno or Oakhurst, just outside of Yosemite.
    Or you can camp the other side up US 395 near Lee Vining.
    Should be camping there

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