camping snack of godlike proportions

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by flowerchild, May 17, 2010.

  1. there is but one thing that could make a s'more even better than it already is...



    share this with no one, with this power we can take over the world :p
  2. bacon makes everything better
  3. Haha...that looks nasty as fuck...but whatever floats ur boat..

  4. your small mind obviously can't handle the complexity that is bacon + chocolate :p :laughing:
  5. :laughing:

    And I thought I had tried everything...

    I'll try it, don't get me wrong... oh god, will I try it.

  6. I bet that is fucking delicious, and would make even the worst hang over get out of bed.
  7. That is one hefty piece of bacon. This reminds me of fair food.
  8. I'm making this for breakfast.

  9. So how was it Durchii?

    Mine was only slightly odd, but I think it was because it was peppered bacon.
    I was really baked, though, so it still tasted pretty awesome :D
  10. Heh heh. I would rather eat all ingredients in there individually. Sooo delicious.

    Wish I had that shit at Philmont...

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