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Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Xhexk, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Righty guys, as some of you may know my bestfriend of 7 years had his birthday 10 days ago but we couldn't celebrate because of work. So a week before university starts again I'm going to host him a birthday party between the 7 of us and a few girls. The plan is we all work a bit hard these remaining few weeks then we're off to the woods with about an ounce to go with in one sitting rolling blunts hitting bongs, beverages and buying an extra large khalil mamoon hookah to mix with shisha and weed.

    Start the party off with some blunts and gradually work our way to the hookah with food breaks and such for the entire night. What I'm planning on doing is bringing this really hot girl that I've had my eye on for a while. I know she likes me, so I'm going to be hitting that too. :smoke:

    What do you guys think, good plan?
  2. Sounds awesome go for it have fun
  3. Yeah man sounds like it'll be a fun time.
  4. In a few months my parents are going on a 4 day vacation to Baltimore and I'm staying back and me nd my best friend are gonna get two chicks in are tent and hotbox it for hours and were getting laid and it's gonna be tight and it's a 3 person tent for 4 ppl so thatll be somethin and were getting 5 grams of dank and its gonna be awesome! Any warnings or precautions I should take?
  5. Dude that's straight up awesome! It's almost like what were doing except we're going to be around 8-10 people :D

    Yeah I can give you a few tips, depending on what your smoking out of I'd recommend you being extra careful inside the tent as it can burn so easily - with you in it. So if your smoking a joint or blunt make sure no hot ash gets on the tent material.

    Also, make sure you open the zip for a minute every hour or so as hot boxing that long in a small space might cause asphyxiation, other then that, have a good fucking time man. :smoke:
  6. hit that shit hard and give it a black eye, make sure she dont call the cops

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