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  1. I want to go camping but I dunno how to keep my bud fresh without it getting mold, where I'm going its very hot and I'm staying for a week, I plan on puttin the jar of bud in a cooler with ice but I duno if thatl make mold also,not sure if my 420 jar is airtight lately so what do u guys suggest I do? I plan on bringing a quarter in a jar to vape (bud) and 7 joints to smoke, they have their own containers, so how do I keep my bud cold and fresh without it getting mold from the heat?
  2. when i go camping, i carry a "stoner survival kit" with me. it basically consists of a waterproof container (i used a small tupperware container) small nug jars with screw on lids, papers, pipe, and of course a lighter. as long as you burp the jars while you're camping and keep it in a dark cool place you should not really have to worry about mold too much. i went last summer with day time temps here in east texas reaching over 100f and had no problem with mold. if you are that concerned about it, go buy some beef jerky and put the pack of silica gel that comes in it and drop it in their with the bud. this will help maintain the moisture levels inside of a sealed jar.
  3. If your buds were dried and cured properly i dont see how mold would be an issue..As long as they are in a air-tight container they should be fine.(if your not certain about your container buy a glass mason jar) Ive never had an issue with my buds getting moldy from the heat, and i live in southern california. In the summer it can be in the high 90s for a few a weeks at a time.
  4. mason jar? ur 420 jar isnt working? is that hot where u are? keep it cool and in the dark
  5. So even in the tent in the burning heat, if its in my jar it won't get mold? I'm not 100% it was dried and curies properly- mayb not grown at its best either lol now tht I think about it / I will take ur advice/thanks for the help blades :D
  6. My gf seems to think putting a bag of Ice in the cooler for a hour or so twice a day will help but I dunno,I should get a more airtight jar also lol

  7. um if you light it, it doesnt sparkle, coal up instantly, or refuse to light. chances are it is dried properly. if the ash is light grey/white, its dried to the proper moisture levels. you really only need to be concerned with mold is during the drying/curing process. or you leave it in a bag for months on end. idk bout you but i end up smoking it before it has a chance to even think about getting moldy.

    like i stated earlier. keep it in an airtight container in a dark place until you're ready to cheef and you'll be fine.
  8. You won't have to worry about mold any more than you would if you stayed home just leave the bud in a jar and you'll be fine
  9. 1. Airtight container (medicine/pill bottle, film bottle)
    2. Put that in 3 layers of plastic bags.
    3. Do not expose your weed to the air of a long amount of time. Take out what you need, and immediately put the lid back on.

    Works for me :)
  10. Being an outdoorsman... and smoking for 15+years... I've never.. EVER... had weed mold on me... in any situation...

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