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  1. Had a pretty sweet ass time camping outside Best Buy for Black Friday anybody else? I got to Best Buy at around 5pm Wednesday and setup my tent and everything and was second in line. Well long story short there was these three old guys just chilling in this tent first in line so i went over to meet them and i hear them laughing. So he opens the tent and instantly it reeks of weed. These guys seriously had the most insane cheech and chong look going on they sounds exactly like them too. Well i was dry so we just took hits off there pipe right outside the store it was fucking great. They had munchies a heated tent, chairs and everything. And i got my two 42' Sharp and 60' Sharp LCD Tvs the 42's where 200ea and the 60' was 800 and i also got the 250gb Xbox 360. I waited for like 34 hours but it was fucking great and i'm high and rambling right now so im done. Anyone else have any cool stories about Black Friday?
  2. Yeah i lucked out these dudes just had cheech and chong all over them haha. Get anything good?
  3. Uhh double post?

    Cool story bro...

  4. I still just dont get why people camp outside till the store opens.

    I guess you get good deals, but you cant just wake up at your house and go to the store?

    Please dont take this as me coming at you, im just asking for my own knowledge
  5. well i waited once at a circuit city years ago, they will let in like 10 or 20 people at a time
    and then eventually let in more and more, their is limited amounts of each Black friday item. Sometimes they even have dudes with clipboards and shit with big items like tvs and pcs, and u can register to buy them before the store opens if ur in line. So u could get a reciept for the thing, walk in go to the front and theyll have it saved for u. Its worth it if ur gonna be saving hundreds of dollars. I never have the money to get tons of shit.

    anyways op sounds like ur a baller with three flatscreens and new 360, i bet u saved over a thousand dollars i think it was worth the wait.

    whatchu doin with 3 tvs if u dont mind me askin
  6. Instead of buying 3 flatscreen tv's, you could've fed an african village for a year.
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    u cant spell america without MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. i hate to drop this philosophy but we are far over the carrying capacity for the earth, if we feed the people who cannot feed themselves, they are just gonna have more kids and more people to feed, exacerbating the problem. I still have human emotions and know thats terrible, but i mean, not many people are that selfless, especially on balck friday. u give the last 2 grand u made at ur job to africa? i think not

    edit;god damnit ur from canada, u prolly did do some nice shit
  8. Black Friday is when a Friday is on the 13th of any given month. Why do Americans have to go and steal words/phrases then change the spelling/meaning of them?

    I mean, I could probably have 10-20 paragraphs about this issue but I'll just put the one that comes to my head first.

    Tid-bit instead of Tit-bit? No wonder people think you guys are prudes :laughing:
  9. we dont even say tid bit first of all cruizer? we might say tad bit
    2nd of all why are you going off topic to talk shit about americans?
    and 3rd of all we call that friday the 13th, and black friday has 3 different meanings.

    America is awesome why you hating on us?
  10. I say a wee-bit
  11. i got 3 hookers for half price off on each
  12. 1. You do say tid-bit, I thought that was common knowledge.
    2. It's not really off-topic, because it is directly to do with the thread title.
    3. Black Friday has one meaning for anyone outside the U.S.

  13. he probably could have fed an entire african nation
  14. I'd feed the Africans, but only if they could beat the entertainment value of satellite TV.
  15. [quote name='"Cruizer"']

    1. You do say tid-bit, I thought that was common knowledge.
    2. It's not really off-topic, because it is directly to do with the thread title.
    3. Black Friday has one meaning for anyone outside the U.S.[/quote]

    This guy just didn't get 3 tvs and an xbox lawl

  16. You could make them fight over the food
  17. its all about cyber monday

  18. Uhh someones comment got deleted?

    Shut The Fuck Up Bro...

  19. Well where i went they handed out vouchers for the great deal items like the tvs that i got and they only have around 30 vouchers so once there gone there's no more tvs. So i camped out to get the vouchers as there first come first serve. In the end i ended up saving around a grand on the items so i'm pretty happy with it.

  20. I bought one of the 42's for me the 60' for my mom and dad and the other 42' for my brother, And yeah i saved about a thousand so time to go get some green and get high :bongin:

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