Campbell Brown humiliates a Republican tool

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tfunkadelic, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. So that guy was trying to argue that Palin's foreign policy experience is her responsibilities to the Alaska National Guard? Notice how he mentions that her decisions involving the Alaska guard are the basis of her foreign policy experience but he can't name one of those decisions she made. Then he backtracks and talks about when an emergency happens in Alaska, the national guard responds. I thought we were talking about FOREIGN policy, not domestic?
  2. I like...

    "Can you tell me one decision that she made as Commander and Chief of the Alaskan national guard"

    "Any decision she has made as the Commander of the National Guard that's deployed over seas, is more of a decision than Barack Obama has made as he's been running for president over the last 2 years"
  3. Because of this interview, McCain has refused to do an interview on Larry King. What an even bigger tool. Someone gets legitimately proven wrong, and the response is to say "Hey, you big bully! No more interviews with you!" I guess he realizes there isn't too much he can say to make his running mate look better, so he's just going the silent route.
  4. LOL, McCain should still go on Larry King, just fire that dumbass who couldn't think of a political response fast enough....wait a minute.
  5. :hello:
  6. McCain could give a better answer? Why does he need Tucker then?

    In the same way that I thought Soulja Boy was a parody of rap the first time I heard him, I thought Tucker Bounds was making a parody of politics.

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