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  1. Im lookin to buy a digital camera for around $100-$150

    So far I have looked and found theses three:

    Pentax Optio M10;

    Fujifilm Finepix A350;

    Kodak easyshare C340; EASYSHARE C340&cm_keycode=129817

    Does anybody have any of those? Id love to hear how they work first hand. The main thing I need for my camera is a marco mode. Heh I wanna take sweet bud pictures to post em up.
  2. Well, i dont have one of those cams, but i just bought one the other day, i got it at Wal-Mart it was $189...I was worried about space, some come with 16mb, depending on the Megapixels, at 5.0 Megapixels, maybe 14 pictures?...Unless you buy an SD card which will be more money but more storage..

    I got a Polaroid, 5.0Megapixel, 2.4" in LCD display, 3x optical zoom..its a nice camera..
    the main thing i was worried about was video, i needed a camera that takes videos..and it does so yay..

    Good luck on your buy.
  3. for 199.99 you can get a 6.3 mp fujifilm finepix

    or a canon a530 5.0

    149.99 get you a 4.0 mp nikon

    i think office depot or circuit city has the 5.0 mp kodak easy share 530 or something

    for 129.99
  4. Thanks shouse and Br3ad for the help. I ended up getting the Kodak easyshare C530, it came with free shipping which is good. It came with a free 258mb memory card too. It should be shipped out within the next 3-9 days. As soon as I get it ima take a pic of some nuggets.
  5. Np dude, i need to get more memory :(..I wanna see some ones tho, not the brown ones ;)
  6. Congrats on the new Camera!

    The kodak is a good camera. It takes really good pics too.

    I ended up gettin the Canon cause the guy at best buy said it was a great camera.
  7. The camera came today, it does take great pictures. But there is no macro mode, I tried taking a picture of the last nugget I had but it came out too blurry to post. When I get a new bag Ill try and take a picture of a nice big bud and see if it turns out.

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