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  1. hey i just moved to college and wanna get my own digital camera. i dont really wannt spend more then like 200-250 and i want it to have good macros so i can take pictures of my bud. i am no camera expert so i dont want anything too complicated. what and where do you think i should buy?
  2. canon powershot.
  3. Any Canon Powershot, all my cameras are canon, or Nikon Coolpix
  4. Canon powershot 3 megapixel or better. User friendly, affordable, and great picture quality.
  5. Just stick to the big names, Canon, Sony, or Nikon. They have decent cameras for what you're willing to spend, all should have macro mode. I am in the same boat as you, I want to take pictures of my bud, but don't really want to get a camera just for that.
  6. how r the fijifilm finepixs? i found one with 10 MP for 159.00$
  7. I don't like fujifilm because their sensors are not as high a quality as Canon or Nikon. They're ok but as a prospective photojournalism major, I stick to Canon but would settle for Nikon. The biggest thing is your budget. Get what is best for your uses and your wallet.

  8. I disagree completely... fuji makes some of the best sensors on the market. They have a cult-like following among pros.

    My best advice is to try them out and get the camera that feels the best in your hand. If it's too small, or too big, or you find the button placement awkward, you will be less likely to use it.

    Unless you plan on making big prints, you probably don't need anything with more then 6mp. In that price range, you'll sacrifice quality for more megapixels (the manufacturers will skimp in other important areas to throw in more unnecessary megapixels).

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