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Discussion in 'General' started by mrtwomuchskill, May 27, 2006.

  1. was up people I need some help picking a camera to take pitures and shit so I can post it here for you guys well here my choices I need the one with best resolution to see all the crystals on the buds and shit :D
  2. Im a photographer, so give me a minute on this one. Im hitting the link now.

    EDIT: Allright, if youre actually thinking of getting a decent camera to take close up *macro* shots of buds to put on this site.. Those cameras will not do it. A little over a megapixel and 640x480 resolution is not much to work with.

    If you dont want closeups, go for the 25 dollar one.. If you want a cheap but decent camera... Save up more money and look into Nikon CoolPix
    Canon Powershot.
    That will at least give you a decent macro advantage.
    This is the work I do with a Canon Powershot A95.. Got it used for 100
  3. 1.3mp? You won't be able to see shit with that. You're gonna need atleast 4.0mp, reccomended 5.0+ if you want to see the crystals.

    I have a Canon PowerShot also, they're really great cameras if you have the cash.

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