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Discussion in 'General' started by sh0k, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. :hippie: :hippie: :hippie: :hippie:I justed :bongin: smoked :bongin: a bowl out of my new 1ft perc splash gaurded icecatch Z.O.B bong...and i went to the gas station only to find that they are now selling camel snus so i :bolt: <-- that means steped in ... and bought a can

    no spitting required

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  2. Yeah man mouth cancer is awesome

  3. Please don't be condescending, you're a stoner after all. ;)
  4. Had it... doesnt do anything/ no buzz. I was 3 in at a time...then u spit but still nothin. Waste of $...
  5. havent seen any here yet, looks delicious
  6. i bought a can and was dippointed. now i hand it out to peopl
  7. cancer of the penis is way more awesome though
  8. ive got that. i think.
  9. no im the only one that haz it

  10. The way I see it is, he is not hurting anyone but himself but using tobacco products, so why be a dick about it? It's quite obvious that tobacco and cancer go hand in hand, everyone has heard all of the preaching, they aren't stupid. Being a stoner, you should be more open minded. You don't like when people preach to you about marijuana do you? No, it's not nearly as bad for your health as tobacco, but your not hurting anyone by using it, same thing goes for the OP.
  11. how the fuck do those things work?
  12. Oh you lucky bastard, I envy you... Would you mail me some if I pay??? :D

    And SNUS is a form of dip/snuff thats been cured in a way to remove most of the cancer causing agents. You use it like dip but you can swallow it, and it's flavor is soooo much better.

    SNUS is the fucking way to go man, it's one of the most popular ways to dip in Sweden (most of the adult population uses).
  13. Go ahead buy into the goverments tobacco industry. All its doing is hurting yourself bro.

  14. These are why I -repped you. I really enjoy the fact that you -repped me for -repping you, called me a dick, and then left me a visitor message calling me an asshole. Your obviously a tool, and I'm sure harrassment and rep abuse arent gonna help you much in getting to stay here. We dont need blades who are closeminded and judgemental here.
  15. How the fuck am i close minded? The goverment sells tobacco which kills hundreds of thousands of ppl each year Im pretty sure thats a good enough reason to bash it or the ppl that buy it!
  16. GTFO of the thread.

    No one cares about your anti tobacco shit or we wouldn't be in this thread, now would we?

  17. Damn goverment really has you guys convinced haha
  18. We choose to smoke/dip/whatever, no one forced the shit on us.

    Looks like ignorance really has you convinced.
  19. you do it because you are addicted, ppl dont just smoke for fun.

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