Camel Menthols...anyone else notic this?

Discussion in 'General' started by Purged1234, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Yes, cig thread.

    Anyways, you guys know Camel Crush? Where it's a standard cig and then the ball in the filter that turns it menthol?

    Well, guess what? Camel Menthol has the same ball! It turns it from menthol into like extreme menthol, it tastes freakin great.

    I've been smoking these for 2 months from switching from newports and i JUST today noticed it on accident.

    carry on
  2. I don't have complete information about Camel Crush? Where it's a standard cig and then the ball in the filter that turns it menthol?
    Please can anyone provide me complete information about this thread.

    camel menthols
  3. I smoke Camel menthols too. Lol, the package (provided it's the new green pack) says it on the back... I am just disappointed in the package, you can't see the guy pissing on the camel :(
  4. WTF we can talk about cigarettes but not Salvia? Which are both legal drugs???
  5. Nobody cared enough to reply in the last thread you barked about this in, no one in here does either.
  6. Salvia isnt. At least in some places

    Why would yuo want MORE menthol?

  7. Thank you so much for pointing that out. It seems you cared enough to reply :love:
  8. I personally never crush them. It's overkill IMO, but if a friend who smokes Newports needs to bum a smoke, I give them one and tell them to crush it and they love em.
  9. I did it out of love.

  10. Obviously no one cared enough because the thread got deleted 30 seconds after I posted.
  11. I actually didn't see it in the thread, I saw you type it through the camera I have hidden in your room.

  12. I'm not in my room, :p
    Ok I am..... :eek:
  13. I do like your taste in underwear though.
  14. i spin with menthol :bongin:
  15. love camel menthols. Got some crushes right now, right after a pack of menthols too. Usually pop that ball like 1/2 way through.

    But im done smoking soon enough hopefully, just need to finish this early ass morning class before I can stop lol.

  16. Yeah Camel Menthols are the shit.
  17. whats this ball you pop? you can only buy camel regulars where im from, not camel menthols ):

  18. its a little ball of menthol juice in the filter, you pop it, and it get extra mentholly

  19. that sounds beautiful. im planning to go to usa (guessing where you all buy these creations!) and like try what ive been missing out on):

  20. What's all this about complete information? :rolleyes:

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