Came up with a awesome idea

Discussion in 'General' started by Mid man, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. What if there was like a microwave that cooled things down. Like sometimes if I have salsa that gets warm that would be cool if I could put it in a microwave to cool it down

  3. OP is off the shit!
  4. Waiting on it to cool off seems easier
  5. What if there was a freezer that made things hotter?
  6. OP is trying too hard.
  7. You're fucking blazed.
  8. Yea a fridge or a window sill

    As far as bright ideas ago im afraid you lose lol

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  9. Ahahaha my fucking god
  10. MIND...BLOWN...
  11. A microwave.
  12. A freezer doesn't instantly cool your food like a microwave instantly heats your food
    Because freezers don't use microwaves. what is your point here?  :smoke:
  14. An awesome... get yo grammar proper before spouting off your ideas
  15. blast the food world its dangerous to change food's temp from extremes like that unless its done quickly to avoid bacteria....
  16. read the thread title and I was like "well I'll be the judge of that"
    turned out to not be awesome, really. 
  17. OP, are you trying to cool the spice heat of your salsa?  If so the only way is to dilute it with not so spicy salsa.  If something is overheated and you want to cool it then drop in an ice cube.

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