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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by wildc@rd, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. Hello again, fellow dried plant smoke ingesters:

    I was chatting via the wonder of Grasscity and happended to figure something out. Bit bizarre really, sinnce my level of consciousness barely manages to garner what's on 'Prime Time Thursdays' - apart from Angel - I never miss that show.... anyways, I die grass (blue).

    I mentioned in a previous post that I firmly believe you can gauge how long a romantic relationship will last based on how long the honeymoon period lasts. To give you some facts and figures (which I hope will add some vaildation to my thesis) my theory states:

    If 'x' (being the length in days of honeymoon period) is less than or equal to 'y' (being the total length of the relationship in days) divided by 'z' (being the average amount of hours you spend together in one average day during the honeymoon period) then it calculates your chances of remaining a couple. My own history is here for the enjoyment of others

    e.g x = 5 (days of shagging bliss)
    y = 150 (days of semi bliss / horror)
    z = 4 (hours spent shagging to begin with)

    The maths works out as: Total days: 5, being 32.5 units less than the calculated formula of 37.5 gives a 'managing to keep it together score of 13% which by anyones standards is pretty poor.

    Do the math yourself, you'll be surprised to see what it tells you about yourself.

    In future, I'll be keeping the honeymoon period going as long as possible. The figures don't lie.
  2. this is an interesting theroy but how do u know the total days in a relationship untill its ended?

    if its ended then surely the chances of it lasting any longer is 0%

    my theroy is based on my motto 4 life which is

    Work like u dont need the money
    Love like youve never bin hurt
    Dance like nobodys watching
    and fuck like ur being filmed.

    dunno bout any1 else but my honeymoon periods tend to last as long as the relationships. so far tho they have all ended. the only way 1 wont end is if i die b4 we get bord of eachother. im happy 2b alive. cant wait 4 my next honeymoon no matter how long it lasts.

    or did i not understand the question?????
  3. Yes, you are certainly correct about the fact that in order to do the calculation, the relationship has to be over in the first place..... but that's the elegance of the equation. It's main function demonstrates that a very high impeding factor in the relationship was 'the innevitability of breaking up', thus resolving you of any blame.

    However, having said this - I have a new, simpler way of looking at things... (I laughed for ages when I first heard this) -

    As far as I am now concerned - "Chicks are for fags, man"
  4.,thats funny.:D

  5. ahh!! now i understand the true purpose of the equation i understand the question better. i think u missed out the all inportant S factor tho. did she spit or swallow.

    in the original sum the answer leaves no1 to blame, but with new added S factor it puts the blame fully on the woman!

    unless she did swallow then the A factor comes into play.
  6. uhh.... :confused:

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