Calyxes changing from green to dark purp

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by orangegrovekush, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Just harvested my weed its been drying for a day and a half and the calyxes are turning dark purp to dark brown is it mold? tho the bud still looks clean and the inside is clean no signs of actual mold its ruining the look of my bud tho it still smells dank.. it has stopped happening but why did it happen?
  2. Not mold. Mold is white. Sounds like you just got some purple stuff. I have heard Nutes can make it purple during veg. Did u flush well?

  3. it wasnt purple at all when it was growing then after the 2nd day of drying the calyxes just turned dark purp now theres no purp just dark brown half green ive had this prob before but i dont remember my first grow doing this. and yes i didnt get the best flush but 17 leaves were yellow some light green turning yellow. maybe flushing does it i remember my first grow i didnt flush well and it didnt do this.
  4. Cut off the rot man. And post pics.

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