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calming panic attacks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IN33dW33D, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. hey, i have a lot of friends tht are new to smoking weed, and im still fairly new myself,
    i was wondering what you do to calm yourself down when ur panicking so if my friends ever start freaking out or if i ever have too mutch i can get some good advice from people with experience
  2. no such thing as "too much." If you're getting a bad trip chill on the smoke get some air and just be cool man, most attacks i've seen were those guys who think wayyyyyyyyy too much lol...
  3. Reassure them that everything is fine and have them sit down. When we got my roommate over the summer blazed for his first time he freaked out beyond anything I'd seen before. We realized it calmed him down when we just had him sit and chill. It didn't help that we were purposely fucking with him to freak him out but eh what can you do. :p
  4. I used to just walk outside for a few minutes if my high was too much for me. i just opened my garage and sat in a beach chair in my driveway. lol i guess fresh air just calms me down.
  5. Look around
    Especially at people go one by one as fast as you want look into eyes. Doing this will let them know you're paranoid and give your mind some ease when you see that they aren't looking at you like you thought they were
  6. Jaysir has the right of it to be honest. The thing to remember is it's in your/their head. Getting up and walking outside, playing a video game, listening to some music or any action that takes your focus in another way will help.

    In a really bad case I find the very best thing in this situation is to take a shower.

    Good luck!
  7. Go outside. Breath.

  8. Ive had this happen to me more times than i wanted.. just got way too high. But I tell myself "Your only as high as you think you are.", and "Its not that bad, sober up!". Along with some deep breathing and fresh air.. your cured.
  9. Go outside, chill and just enjoy all the millions of things happening at the same time out there. The wind blowing, leaves dropping off of trees, birds flying around, don't think, just chill and enjoy.
  10. Yea if your not having fun just stop smoking and chill out. When i first started smoking i only got panic attacks when i smoked way to much and then tried to go to parties because then i get paranoid. If i smoke a ton and feel that feeling sneaking up on me i just think to myself "nobody gives a fuck that im high there probably going to get high too"
  11. this all seems like good advice. thx!
  12. EAT. This works, trust me. (well for most people)
    Food is comforting, food will taste good, food is something familiar.
    If anyone is panicking, food will help calm them down.
    Once they taste the food, for most people, thats pretty much all they'll be focused on.
    Also I find food brings down your high a bit, so that is another reason it could help with panicking.

    Also what other people said: deep breaths, going outside, and telling them its gonna be okay also works.
  13. I used to have terrible ones when I was starting. Usually when I wasn't prepared for the strength of the high. So here's my protips from personal experience.

    1) Smoke whilst you're in a good, relaxed mood. If you smoke in a back alley with anxious thoughts of being caught, or in your room wondering if your parents can smell it from downstairs, then you'll likely have a panicy high.

    2) If you ignored this and are having one, then the golden rule is DON'T FIGHT THE HIGH. The drugs are stronger, and will win. Literally, the only thing you can do is sit back and enjoy the ride. That is to say, stop thinking, sit back, close your eyes and take deep breaths of fresh air. Let your mind glaze over and CHILL.

    3) Don't listen to music that will remind you you're high. When I first toked, I made a Marley playlist. I paniced from the strength of the high, and put the music on to calm me down. Reggae reminded me I was high, and did nothing to aid my predicament. Just chose music you'd listen to normally, or new music. I like jazz when I'm baked.

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