Calmag with coco/pearlite GH Nutes ?????

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  1. Is calmag really that necessary when using GH Micro/grow/bloom in coco?
    I have read both arguments people saying you def need it and others saying you dont.
    Can someone clarify this?
    If i can drop the calmag thats one less bottle of nutes i need reducing costs.
  2. It's probably necessary if you're using r/o water - tap water probably not. I use tap and rarely have to use it.
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  3. And then it goes the other way. My tap contains so much lime that it prevents roots from taking up calcium, so I had to add even more, until the roots got so gunked even more calmag wouldn't help. I switched to distilled and all my calcium issues (which I had even in soil) dissapeared. I gave coco and some calcium containing nutes a bad name when I should have been mad at the water company. You can get really stoned on plants that had calcium issues by the way, it's not as bad as it looks. But it sure can mess with what's left of a pot growers sense of reason. But to be honest, I can't really remember what it was I was hoping the coco would accomplish, since it seems everything gets accomplished as good or better without it?????
    Oh well, DWC growers probably look at my perlite and think, you know you really don't need it anymore.
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  4. My last grow started in coco. I was at the local "Hobby Shop" and was talking with people their and they had problems in straight coco too. When she added coco to her soil and thing got better quickly.

    So I went home and switched to 2/3 soil and 1/3 coco. My plants noticed the difference in 3 days, and then started growing. The coco keeps the soil moist longer and is really good like sand for drainage. I also throw in 3 eggshells that are broken really fine in the soil mix, along with Oregonism when I move to the bigger pouch to grow in.

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  5. Anyone else have an opinion on this?? id really like to know
  6. What water are you using. And what's the e.c. of that water.
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  7. tap Water comes out to 44ppm im pretty lucky in this regards. Would you suggest adding calmag
  8. I wouldn't add it unless the plant shows that it needs it. With tap water, you might get by without any calmag. As I mentioned in post #2, I use tap water and rarely need calmag.

    Good luck.
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  9. I've done my last 3 runs in coco one of those with gh nutes I've never needed it I have a bottle just in case but have not used it yet
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  10. Thank you for all the advice much appreciated
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  11. I love my coco and I'm actually phasing out the perlite, I'm finding its not needed with properly prepared coco.
    I see coco as basically the same as growing in perlite. In my mind I picture them both as hydro in the fact that they are just clever ways of suspending an aerated nutrient solution around the root zone.
    Also props to you for digging in and learning what your true issues with coco were.
    I'm thinking about running one of your perlite bags ...... maybe run them down for me again do you use counter wieght in the bottom? Or you are placing the bag in a bucket? I can't remember
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    I would consider pure virgin coco to be about the optimum. My African Nighcrawlers could improve it. But when I tried to reuse it, it needed perlite, and I was having to go outdoors to smoke and get away from the bugs.
    No weight needed, as a matter of fact, you know you are the maximum dipping level when they float. Then after no more than 5 minutes, a quick lift and back in the bucket and they should be good for hempy style until you want to drain.
    It was just dumb luck that the colorful buckets with handles from dollartree (I ended up ordering a whole case for $30 since my local store was out, and you can't order individual buckets) fit exactly a one gallon bag. It takes exactly 2 liters of nutewater to dip. Once plant is older than 30 days, then the drain becomes more important than the dip. I drain on a screen for many hours. Probably 12 hempy/12 drain is final optimum for a mature plant. You can tell by how much is left in the hempy bucket after 24 hours what to do.
    The weight would inhibit the all important drain. And it's the drain which reopens organic/microbe experimentation. This should also work with pure coco or coco/perlite, or any medium which drains reasonably well.
    edit: But if for some unknown reason you want to weight them, a standard terra cotta saucer that fits in the bottom of a bag can be used either right side up or inverted. Been there done that. That's how I know they should not be weighted. Give me more air.
    edit: Oh yeah, ha,ha, now I remember. The perlite will float right out of a weighted bag.
  13. The biggest factor imho is if you, very thoroughly, rinsed and buffered the coco.
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