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  1. Do I need calmag in RO water even if Im using GH flora 3 part nute system? It says it has cal and mag but I see people suggesting calmag all over. Thanks !!!
  2. you can probably get by without it, if your plants start showing a deficiency throw some calmag in the mix.
  3. Ok thanks but the first few weeks just ro and ph adjusters right?
  4. well, adjust the ph of the water you give them to 6.5 and fertilize every other watering, or every third watering at first. also, you don't need to use full strength until the plant is big enough to tolerate, so half doses should work. if you start seeing spots on the leaves or something like that, you can add a tsp of calmag to correct the problem. if you watch the plant's leaves, they should tell you exactly what's going on inside the plant with a few days delay.
  5. if there's a source of calcium and magnesium in that fert then you shouldn't need any.

    botinacare nutes don't contain cal or mag which is why it's recommended to use calmag when using those nutes with RO water
  6. Nice post but this is for Hydroponics. :wave:
  7. I agree; Nice post and lesson on CalMag.

    I agree with AugustWest and the others. They're giving you good advice.

    Essentially if your fertilizer includes calcium and magnesium you don't need to add it even if your using RO water.

    The basic rules don't change if you're in hydro.

    What fertilizer are you using ?
  8. do'h sorry about the confusion on soil, ph it to 5.8 then :p
  9. GH 3 part micro, grow and bloom
  10. GH micro will have all the extra calcium, magnesium, and other micro nutrients you'll need. No need to buy any other calmag suppliment when using GH 3 part. Remember what AugustWest said, Botanicare makes Calmag because their fertilizers lack it. Not because RO users need more of it !
    Research the Lucas Formula using the GH 3part. It talks about how to tweak the 3 part solutions for the different stages of growth.
  11. Thank You For All The Hydro Info?
    Thank You

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