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  1. I am in Soil right now, Vegging. Its a miracle gro organics choice soil.
    I have got a blueberry and a C99 that have been in there, they have been doing okay as far as color and appearance,slow growth though. But I noticed a week ago, that the leaves were yellowing and curling upwards.Asked around and I went and got a book that told me it may be magnesium deficient. So I bought some cal mag at the store, "General Organics calmag" I did the recommend dose and noticed the next morning that the curling went down. Im happy but the yellowing leaves are still yellow and looks like more leaves are starting to lighten. The C99 I had had gotten so bad. I dont want this one to meet the same fate.

    Also. I took some cuttings off to make clones when I first noticed there was a problem. Would that mean that the clones I am trying to make will be no good?

  2. How old and are you feeding nutes

  3. a month and a half old. I water with distilled water and use only a seaweed extract and just the other day with the calmag that I had bought.
    Should I be adding more things into my soil or water when feeding? I was worried about overfeeding when the leaf tips started burning.
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    you shouldnt need to use distilled water unless your tap water is crazy hard

    Using distilled water may cause calmg def

    tap water contains calcium and magnesium so if you use that you normally wouldnt need the calmg supplement

    Do you know the NPK of your feed?

    Do you know the mediums/feed solution/run off PH?

    Plants are looking good though :D
  5. Your soil looks really dry.

  6. The plants don't appear to be suffering from under watering.

    regular dryness is good - it helps prevent many types of root disease and helps promote good aeration.
  7. not positive, but i think distilled water is hydrogen and oxygen exclusively. decent tap water, unlike distilled, has low levels of minerals and such that plants enjoy. i believe your on the right track by adding a cal-mag supplement to your program. and in general, i heard marijuana likes cal and mag.
  8. Hey I got a couple of plants from a dude off Craig's and I am sure they were planted in miracle grow and they held water like no other. I finally had to replant in a bigger pot with some fox farms and a little hydo ton in the bottom for drainage all is good now. I had the same shit as you going on.

    Good luck,
  9. Thanks everyone for the replies. I was afraid to use my tap water,I thought maybe the chlorine wouldn't be good, but I can start using it,would definitely save money. I don't know the NPK of my soil.
    I was thinking of buying some Foxfarm soil and putting in a bigger pot...was wondering if I would need to get any nutrients to add or if the new soil would be enough?

  10. chlorine is tolerated and even beneficial (used by the plants) in small amounts. if your tap water is high in ppms/chlorine etc, let it stand overnight before u make the resi to help get rid of chlorine.. or they make inline filters that may help. i think ff soil (organics) are more sensitive to chlorine. i dont think the microbes dig it.
  11. Depending on your municipalities water sources, having your tap sit to eliminate chlorine might be a waste of your time. Monochloramine is quickly becoming the norm, and is much more stable than chlorine.

    All your districts water information can be found online. Well, usually....
  12. I watered about 3 days ago,I dug around the soil a bit and it may need watering tomorrow,gonna use regular tap water and let it sit. I hope it works,the yellowing seems to be spreading. Thanks again for all the help you guys,awesome forum here!

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