Calmag deficiency or something else?

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  1. so these are about 5 weeks into flowering.
    Feeding 3g green leaf mega crop and 1g bud explosion per gallon in soil.
    I check ph with a pen or the GH pH kit every time
    Last couple watering I’ve given 2ml calmag and it doesn’t seem to be helping. The 5th picture kinda looks like spider mites according to google but can’t find any of those
    Anyone have a idea?

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  2. I could be wrong, but it ooks like Calcium deficiency to me. May want to up the Cal-Mag doses. I can't seem to find any signs of spider mites. Can you circle in the last pic what you think may be spider mites?
  3. Ok thanks. Someone else said ph problem too but idk
    This leaf kinda matches what spider mite leaves look like from google

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  4. I can see why they may look similar to spider mites, but it clearly looks like calcium deficiency to me. Do you have something like a jewelers loupe to check around and under the leaves for signs of spider mites? Tiny, little black/brown fuckers lol. What about webbing around the buds and such?
  5. Haha yeah I did check with a microscope and didn’t see anything moving around, no webs either. I’m wondering if the plants aren’t absorbing the calmag somehow because first it was just one plant, now almost all of them are doing it. I’m not very experienced
  6. What's the pH of your runoff? TBH 5ml of Cal-Mag ain't really much. I'd raise it to around 15ml for now. Are you using R.O. water?
  7. It’s lower than what I put in and I’m not sure why. Someone mentioned it’s because of the fox farm soil but idk? I put in 6.5 and it comes out around 5.5
    And are you talking 15ml per gallon of water?
    I’m using distilled water right now
  8. Wait, I misread how much cal-mag you've been giving them. I thought I read 5 ml/gal, but it's actually 2 ml/gal, right? So you should give them about 10ml/gal. Sorry my bad.
  9. Ok I will try it. I did read that I’d need to add calmag into this megacrop but didnt realize how much
  10. Definitely has the mite bite signature too me and Calmag at one time. Mites are ur real problem. I would look into getting predatory bugs on Amazon!

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  11. I’ve checked over 100 leaves with my 60x microscope and haven’t seen a single bug tho :/
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  12. The sand blasting look is them!check new growth and see if it looks like that! I also use Dr Zymes. U can do a soil drench and a foilar. Kills all bugs in soil. It's a organic citrus oil formula! Says mites.

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  13. Why am I not seeing any tho? I have some captain jacks dead bug spray but don’t want to use it unless I have to
  14. I just checked over all 10 plants with my pocket microscope and can’t see a single sign of spider mites besides the leaves looking weird. No webbing or anything and can’t see any bugs at all

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