CalMag application and recovery help.

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  1. hey everyone I'm about to apply some calmag for the first time with the blue dream I have going. She's already 25 days into flower and is showing signs of deficiency. I was away for a week and couldn't do anything about it so she's not looking so well. I had a friend watering for me while I was away. Left him all the water he needed. I never had calmag so I couldn't ask him to do it. Anyways I'm giving we some tonight since I'm back from vacation. Calmag comes in mail today. When long till I should do another feeding and when can results start being notciable. I'm really hoping she will recover and be a nice healthy green again. Least enough to finish flowering. Thanks!!
  2. These are from Friday. Had my friend snap a few pics. Had me worried the rest of vacation lol

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  3. what's the runoff ph and the ec?GFP

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  4. Cal/mag can be given more often than your regular nutes. You can usually add a small amount in with each watering if you want. Since I use tap I usually give cal/mag every 3 waterings or so.
  5. PH is 6.2 I don't know how to check EC.
    I gave it 1 tablespoon in the gal of water when feeding today. I also raised the LED light. I noticed it's all the exposed leaves browning like that. Stuff below is prettt healthy and green.

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  6. Dude how many days left? looks like your close enough to start the final phase and be done with those instead of trying to correct the lockout on the leaves...GFP

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  7. This about 30 days flower (guessing) I lost track but it's all written down at the grow spot. 8-10 weeks was mid August. Blue dream. She's got more to go. Fatten up and get dank as fuck.
  8. What kind of water are you using?

    You'll want to mix it into your nutrients every time you make it. It should be added first, then your nutrients - then feed.

    If you were using tap water, it would depend on how much ca/mg was present already. Some people have enough, some too much, some too little. So, if you were using tap water and they were still showing deficiencies, then you'd only probably need to add 1/4 of what they recommend - again, pre-mixed in with your nutes. If you're using RO or DI then you'd want to use the ca/mg at the full recommended strength.

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