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Calling your dealer during the day

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thezool, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. im wanting some bud but im a bit hesitant to call him now as its only 1:30pm, only times ive ever picked bud up have been during the night.

    do dealers ever mind if you call them during the day? especially on a sunday?
  2. I don't think there is any kind of national dealers union with rules. Just call, usually if my guy's can't do something until later they will tell me. Otherwise they just say to come by.
  3. I'd go ahead and give him a call. Hes prob already up and smokin lol. Where are you from that its 1:30 right now? I'm in Green Bay and its 7:30am
  4. I don't think he'd really care, so long as he's awake. I'll call mine anywhere between 8a-9p.
  5. He's somewhere withing the GMT time zone. It is currently 1341 Zulu.
  6. money is money for them, all my dealers prefer me picking up during the day, they go out at night and stuff so it's better for them
  7. i pick up during hte day all the time, it's a much more convenient for me, and delears, because they're people too, and wanna do shit at night, y'know?

    also its not like hes gonna bite your head off, just cuz you give hinm a call haha
  8. thanks for the responses guys. im from the uk to whoever asked.

    i gave him a ring and there were no problems, besides him making me wait fcking 30 minutes in the rain! at least i now have some bud. :)
  9. #9 thezool, Jan 24, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 24, 2010
    here's the deal i got, it looks like a pretty bad deal. ive been to him before and its always been pretty bad deals but right now hes the only contact i have and i HATE being dry.

    it was £10.


    edit: actually looking at the pictures it looks like a fairly good deal. im used to getting eighths though so i dont know what tens are meant to look like.
  10. Those baggies look a hell of a lot cooler than the sandwich bags mine come in.
  11. haha yeah man its my favourite baggy. my friend gave it to me once and ive kept it ever since. :p recycling ftw.
  12. i would get that for about 10$ CND.

    i guess exchange rates dont count towards weed lol
  13. #13 freakp8ntbaler, Jan 24, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 24, 2010
    idk what a normal dime would be but thats about the size of a dime here of dank. and that looks pretty dank
    thats a bag that little baggies come in. they actually suck, theres normally a hole in them and the zip thing is as shitty as they come
  14. hey man that looks like some good shit, and for 10 pounds about 16 dollars? i'd say not too bad, even the quantity doesn't look all that bad
  15. :) awesome, always good to know you got a good deal.
  16. You said you're in the UK? Not trying to scare you but that looks like some grit. Especially in the first photo.
  17. Quick way to find out whether it's grit weed or not:

    Get a blank CDR, and rub the weed up against the surface that is normally burned on by the laser. If it leaves scratches, then it's grit weed. No scrathes, and you're good to go. :bongin:

  18. If in doubt, just shoot him a text!
  19. Real men test it by smoking it and waiting to see if they start bleeding out of every orifice. :cool:
  20. just use a wet piece

    and you think its a bad deal? how can you judge if you did not weigh it

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