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  1. Sup blades

    Im just outside toronto, looking for an inline ashcatcher or any crazy ashcatchers.

    ive got a 2 foot 2x4 arm tree perc bong, 18.8

    now for the marijuana march, i went into cloud 9, friendly stranger and one other(didnt visit THC)

    now i didnt see more then 10 bowls or anything for a 18.8. its all small glass on glass stuff. the only ashcatcher i found was the one i got with the bong.(that was 18.8)

    is 18.8 uncommon or something? at cloud 9 the guy described it as europian size.

    so, where can i find 18.8 stuff? im told THC is a huge store but i dont want to waste 2 hours going to toronto and 2 back just for the same thing to happen as when i was at the march. anywhere around southern toronto is viable.

    culture shock in guelph didnt have anything that i noticed last time i was there either.

    help me out! thanks
  2. anyone out there
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    Ontario sucks horribly for selection and quality sadly. Ordering online is a better idea.

    Although there is a diamond in the rough, try toronto art glass.
  4. yah man, go to toronto art glass. He'll make you whatever you want. Plus he used to blow for RooR so he knows what hes doing. Also THC is a block away so you could go to both in the same trip.
  5. This guy seems like he knows what hes talkin bout, listen to him.

    i would also say that ontario sucks for selection, the 18.8 euro thing is bullshit, just an excuse cuz for their lack of selection.

    If you're in guelph you could check out the stores in london, They seem to have a good selection. I know hightimes in london sells roors and some ashcatchers, also there's the friendly traveller ( i think thats the name, its ontop of the organic farmer) also has a huge selection, plus they blow their own glass. There is also another one called paradise or something farther up richmond street, closer to western university that also has a nice selection.

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