calling somebody "man" or "mate"

Discussion in 'General' started by thezool, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. how many of you say stuff like "hey man" or "alright mate". i find myself in texts adding the word "mate" or "dude" but i've started wondering why i do it. and at work i say "thanks mate" sometimes rather than just thankyou.

    so yea, anyone else do it?
  2. Yeah I always say man, pretty much by default when greeting someone. Can't help it really.

    It's interchangable with 'mate' but that's a regional thing.
  3. I say man pretty often when texting and when talking lol
    Don't know where or when I picked it up but it just seems natural to my language
  4. I never say any of it in speech but after a time on this site I find myself using dude and maybe man when I post here..
  5. I say maaaaaaaaaaaaaan, even to girls lol
  6. it's almost like putting "lol" at the end of a text. like a way of saying "we're cool man"
  7. Guilty as charged man..:/
  8. 75% of my sentences involve "man" or "dude" and I don't even smoke.

    I make it a point to say it to pretty much every girl I talk to
  9. I say man, bud, mate or geezer a lot.

    Geezer not so much but still ha.
  10. as long as you don't say "duck" or "chuck" i think it's tolerable. those ones are pretty regional though i think. regional ones are the worst.

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