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  1. Whats the best way to do this? I actually am sick, I have crohns and it's flaring up, but I have a new job and feel bad that I'm calling in sick already, especially since I specially requested to work this shift tonight.

    What should I say when I call in?
  2. Just go to work man..
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    Just make yourself look all sick and disgusting, messed up hair...put some mascara to darken your eyes and just walk in pretending like you are willing to show up and work anyway. You're boss will most likely see you and tell you to go home.

    Tell him you insist on working anyway. If he doesn't tell you to leave again, then make some coughing noises and disrupt other workers...He wil for sure tell you to fuck off back home by then. Tell him you are very sorry and walk out all sad.

    Go home and smoke 30 bowls and watch spongebob

    Tha's how you do it......Never call in sick. If he see's that you show up to work anyway he will have more confidence that you are actually sick and won't hold it against you in the future.

    AND the best part about it all, it next time you can call in sick (only after you do this) and it won't be a problem because he will think it's genuine, and even worse sickness since you couldn't even show up like you did last time!!!!

    Con artistry in the workplace at it's finest folks.
  4. really sucks about the requested shift... if you really cant make it call in sick and maybe help calling up people to do your shift?!
  5. Deffinatley. If your gonna call in try to have someone to cover for you.

    Always better if you can say " yeah im sick, cant come in but john said he could cover me " then "yeah im sick "
  6. Call in sick. I have Crohn's too and know how that shit is. If you think it would help, go to the ER and get an excuse. They'l give you some pain meds and possibly re-hydrate you as well. Or you could go in and run to the bathroom every fifteen minutes and get sent home. My advice is to explain as much as you can to them and tell them you can't come in.
  7. Try to get someone to cover for you. My boss gets fuckin' pissed when people call in sick or whatever and don't have anyone to take the shift. All they care about is someone being there to work, they don't care who it is.
  8. It really depends on the temperament of your Boss. Someone said that it doesn't matter who's there as long as someone is working and this is true with most bosses I've dealt with.

    Just call in and explain your situation, most people will give you the benefit of the doubt.
  9. I work at Best Buy, so there's like 100 employees. I called and said "I have crohns disease and it's flaring up, is there any way I can not come in to work tonight?" and my supervisor said it was okay, then scheduled me a replacement shift later on in the week.

    I was going to work the midnight release of Halo CEA lol.

    Seriously though, Crohns fucking sucks. Shout out to fellow Crohns people, they know whats up.
  10. Glad you got the day off. Get yourself feeling better. Smoke some weed, maybe eat something like rice or yogurt. Crohn's suck. Keep strong.

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