Calling all you Ontario stoners .

Discussion in 'General' started by BlazinPhoenix, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Gimme a shout on MSN boys (and girls, too, if the City has them) just for some general bud talk, maybe eventually meet up and chill ? Me and another member of the City alr e ady do this and it's fun as shit .

    Blaze on .

    Phoenix .
  2. Ontario is chilling. I'm just outside the GTA.
  3. I'm reppin Toronto.
  4. London representative!

  5. yea man im in the gta.

    ill add you for sure.
  6. I would but I'm far too paranoid, and if anyone saw my pic they'd realize I'm quite the target for internet predators.
  7. I lol'd.
  8. Hamilton, Ontario..whas y'all emails?

    Or if they saw your picture, they might realize your not over 18?

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