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  1. [FONT=&quot][/FONT]Going back to school here, and its been awhile since I have wrote a paper :( and sure enough I have a gay ass essay due...

    Any suggustions would be great.. my thesis is

    [FONT=&quot]Is the real reason behind the seat belt law really here for the well being of the citizens of Tennessee? In my opinion the seat belt law was put here, not to save lives, but to allow law enforcement to further invade our privacy, take our hard earned money away from us, and not allowing us the freedom to choose. [/FONT]

    And I am sure alot of you would agree with me that its put here to just try and fuck us over.. The professor said the thesis was good.. but im trying to get 3 pages here!
  2. Are you aware that... in a collison... you... would fly through the windshield and probably die without the seatbelt restraining you.

    I think it's retarded to not wear a seatbelt. So... if you can support your view, then go for it. In most cases, I'm sure the police pull over people and "invade" their privacy because they have other reasons... say, speeding? Broken tail light? Drug trafficking? I dunno. Your call, brotha. I expect you to disobey such an insane law then, while you drive your vehicle. Have fun flying through a sheet of reinforced glass that will ultimately shred you into pieces like a cheese grater.

    Good luck, man!
  3. You'd have to somehow include physics. That's really the only legal way to go.
  4. I'm not trying to say that not wearing a seat belt is smart. All im trying to say is that they use that law just to fuck with us..
  5. I guess. But if you're not doing anything illegal besides not wearing the seatbelt, it shouldn't matter. Right?

  6. they waste your time
  7. Exactly.. But I have heard from alot of ppl including family members and such that sometimes they forgot one day to wear their seatbelt.. Sure enough got pulled over and they cop tried more ways than one to trick them into allowing a search.. Most of them ended up allowing it and the cop allowed them to leave w/o a ticket or anything..

    Just an excuse for the fuckers to try and trick you into a search and invade our privacy
  8. I'm pretty sure they won't just search you. You'd have to be doing some worthy of a pull over; something suspicious that would give grounds for a search.

    By the way, hearing from "alot of ppl including family members" might not go down well on a university paper as a credible citation. Hahahaha.
  9. hahah ya I was thinking that as I wrote this up.. but ya we arnt doing citations or anything.. Its honestly our first essay so she isn't expecting much.. Just trying to get a feel for her students.

  10. There's a lot of laws that I don't agree with, but seatbelt laws aren't some conspiracy. It takes 2 seconds to put one on, whats the big deal?

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    Well I'm not a writer, but I can understand the seatbelt law. Sure you have the right to choose when it comes to your safety, but it's not about YOUR safety. What if you get into an accident and you kill the other person because they weren't wearing a seatbelt. Your going to prison for involuntary manslaughter. Or you don't care if you die, and someone kills you in a car accident, and then they're fucked and are going to prison. It's not so the police can give you a ticket, it's to protect you from yourself as well. Your going to be paying alot more than a ticket if you ever get in an accident and someone dies cuz of some freak accident, whether its cuz someones breaks went out or what. If they're dead, they can't say "oh well my brakes went out" or "my steering went out" and it could end up looking like your fault they died.

    Usually when people die in car accidents, it's cuz they wreck into other cars vice versa. Your not only protecting yourself, but possibly another person from being fucked over a complete accident. I mean, is it really that big of a deal to put on a seatbelt?
  12. Inanimate objects cannot be homosexual.
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    Uh, what's the difficulty?

    There's a really easy standard way to format an essay. What are your main three arguments?

    1. The law invades privacy
    2. is a gimmick to increase revenues
    3. and infringes on your freedom of choice

    Spend a paragraph or two elaborating on each argument. Spend a couple of paragraphs talking about the arguments in favor of the law to make it look like you're not one-sided.

    Write an introductory paragraph previewing the three main points (don't be all "In this essay I will discuss blah de fucking blah", just go all-out and be "right, this is a bad law because x, y, and z. Some people say that it's a good law because a and b, but they're full of shit."). Then, in the conclusion, tie all your points together again and give the reader something memorable and interesting so they won't forget your essay so quickly.

    English teachers lap that shit up.

  14. Good post. Exactly the same as speeding and driving drunk, its not your safety that you're compromising, its the safety of everyone else you meet on the road. Seat belts are there for a reason, and I'd suggest you think of a less stupid thesis question. I mean no offence but unless you're looking for a session of mental calisthetics, a dialetic response to a hypothetical question then go ahead, but if you're intent is to pose a serious question please think of something a bit more interesting?

    If its got to be motor related about the removal of country side speed limits (non urban areas), comparison between death rates, its been noted with no speedlimit on the open roads drivers go at the speed they feel comfortable and accident numbers don't rise dramatically. Also the crazy fuck that goes a ton plus is going to do it regardless of whether or not theres a speed limit. Can draw comparisons to the german autobahn then link back to a discussion between the validity of speed limits in built up areas, like the % of fatalities at different speeds (30mphv35v40 for example) compared to the lesser risk on the open roads of freedom.

    Neh? Anyways 2:30 am I'm stoned and rambling, time for bed.
  15. ..and i thought this thread was gonna be about graff:(
  16. I'd help with your paper, but I disagree with what you want to write about in a strong way :-/

    I. State has a pressing interest in preserving the life of citizens
    II. Car usage is not a right but a privilege
    III. The state mandate seat belt usage as part of car usage, since it is a privilege not a right

    I had a friend when I was younger who was a bit of an oppositional defiance personality, it was his way of trying to be cool. So he would never use his seatbelt "No stupid police can tell me what to do! I'm to cool!" And sometimes a few girls giggled, but most of them thought it was immature.

    He died. In a car accident. Because he didn't wear his seatbelt. Would have been a scrapes and bruises accident had be buckled up.

    But keep telling yourself how cool you are for not wearing your seatbelt, and what a rebel you are for putting your life at risk needlessly.

  17. I think the people behind the seat belt laws are probably doing it because they want to protect people. Your strongest arguement would probably be that the legal system has no place in prohibiting adults from engaging in behavior that harms no one but themselves. (Gee, does that sound like it could be applied to another issue near and dear to our hearts? :p)

    I think anyone who chooses not to wear a seat belt or not to wear a helmet on a motorcycle is an idiot, but I'll speak out loudly to protect their right to stupidity.
  18. You should be an English teacher. Seriously, that was great. :)
  19. Haha, thank you :)! That isn't the first time I've been told that.

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