Calling all Vegetarians

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  1. I've been a vegetarian for coming up on two years! One time i accidently ate some chip dip that had some crab in it. I still eat some cheese, definitely eggs but not really milk, my stomach can't handle it.
    I chose to become a vegetarian originally because of moral reasons. I think that the way the whole industry is done is too barbaric. I may eat meat if there was some more humane way to do it, that way something isn't experiencing Hell so i can eat. But I think it's done a lot of good for me. I have Crohn's so my stomach is already bad and without all that redmeat rotting in me It's made my stomach a better place.

    I have a question though, Do you guys eat marshmellows? Gellatin contains sometthing right? Bones?

    BTW OP. Morning Star corn dogs are BOSS

  2. Gelatin contains very little bone matter, I believe. However, it does contain things like ligaments, skull scrapings and fat from various animals.
  3. I am totally not a vegetarian, but I love veg foods. fuck vegans.

    My favorite sandwich (except a juicy burger... mmmm:yummy:) goes like this:

    Bagel top
    Garden veg cream cheese
    thinly sliced carrots and cucumbers
    garden cream cheese
    bagel bottom

    The best falafel i ever had was when a friends dad made it. He was from sudan.

  4. I'm a vegan . . .:mad:
  5. Sorry, I wasn't serious. I just dont understand the benefits versus vegetarianism.
  6. Anyone hear the song called Slaughterhouse Blues by Remembering Never?
  7. vegetarian for almost 5 years.
    I was a vegan for about a year but now Im just a vegetarian who rarely eats dairy (it makes me break out and get the shits.) also almost never eat eggs.

    vegan by default? cheatin vegan? idk :p
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    I'm a vegetarian but I'm not going to die over a piece of meat in my food.
    Also I had a tiny taste of turkey on thanksgiving and I did not fancy it.

    I'm craving a frisco melt from Steak N Shake, it's probably the only meat I'll ever want eat. Mmmmmm. :)

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    A post without bacon is a baconless post.

    This is a baconless post.
  10. Well, I go fishing and kill my own.. I have my entire life and I love it. If I have the balls to kill it myself, then yeah I will eat it.

    I wont eat any other animal.. I think its cowardly for me to go buy chicken and eat it, when I would never kill one myself unless I had to, and I dont.

    My diet is complicated. haha
  11. I'm a vegetarian for a variety of reasons.
    1) I do not know if animals contain the same level of sentience as humans. If they do, in my opinion, then they should be guarded with moral respect. Since I do not know what I believe, I will abstain until I decide.
    2) I'm not vegan because I do not think it is immoral to use animal products. Although, I do not wear leather or any other product that involves killing the animal.
    3) I eat fish because it is proven they do not have the same neurological response as humans and are not "harmed," but they exhibit sheer flight-response
    4) The beef, poultry, and pork industry and terrible industries. I cannot support them. They kill animals (the least of their sins) in terrible ways and do not even provide them with a semi-decent existence until then, they pollute land, sky, and water, and they rape the land values of everything near them without regard.

    I don't judge meat-eaters, but this is what I find to be the most comforting.
  12. hey everyone, mainly vegans. check out the link in my sig, it's got a few recipes in it, i'm going to keep updating it. if ANY of you have vegan recipes to contribute i'd definitely love to try them.

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