calling all those who are addicted to nicotine... and don't want to be

Discussion in 'General' started by IGotTheCottons, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. i heard some crap on the radio about this stuff called smoke away so i went and checked it out on the net. you can check it out at it's herbal and physician developed so i'm assuming this means it's safe. it's $70 plus shipping, but if you don't completely quit tobacco in a week they'll give you your money back.

    i'm not affiliated with this site in any way... i'm posting this because i've read a few posts here and there that would indicate that this could help a few people at the city.
  2. sounds great!

    i was prescribed Zyban (the supposed wonder drug) a while back but ended up not taking it for fear of death since i was hardley in a healthy condition.

    i say stick to the herbs...

    good luck to everyone trying to escape the killer weed... i'm pretty much free now... just aslong as no one offers me another tobacco laden Joint.
  3. Damn $70 !??! I defintally wanna stop smoking cigs eventually cause i dont wanna be paying the price later in the life, ill proally just try the patch or some gum though before i fork over $70........good thing you brought up quittin smokin cigs though i think this is gonna be the week i really try to cut back, not quit completly but cut back alot.......with that said ima go smoke my last cig for the day :)

  4. ya, but the patch and the gum are expensive too... i saw nicotene at the drug store and it was 56$ for like 20 packs of the gum.....
  5. if someone gives me 20 bucks ill call them three times a day and be all like yo dont smoke

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