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  1. Does anyone have a research paper with cited sources that they'd be able to recycle? I'm two pages deep in my own 5 page paper and I'm realizing I shouldn't have waited till the last minute. Live and learn, I suppose, but if one of you wants to save me the shitty day tomorrow that'd be so much appreciated.
    Fat chance, I know. I really shouldn't even post this. I feel embarrassed doing so, but I'm pretty desperate. If you're willing to do me this favor please send me a private message so if my prof. checks to make sure it's not plagiarized this post doesn't show up.

  2. Hahahaha good luck bro
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    Haha thanks. I'm gonna need it for both finishing my own and finding someone that'll give me theirs. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try.
  4. research paper on what
  5. It can be anything. No restrictions. The one I'm working on is about drug abuse.
    If you're about to be that guy, I thank you in advance.
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    R.I.P. OP
  7. I feel for ya OP.

    I always waited to the last minute too.
  8. sir this is a violation of academic integrity
  9. Thanks for the support
    At least I'm continuing to write my own paper while I frantically switch tabs from my research topic to this page only to hit refresh? I'm still putting in some effort.  :confused_2:
    Almost to page 3.
    I wish I would have at least gathered some sources a while ago. That would make this a little easier.
  10. Don't mean to be an asshole, but wouldn't the lesson not really be learned if someone here just PM'd you the paper? What makes you think you wouldn't go and do it again? Because you went through a little stress (NORMAL) of typing up some bs as fast as possible and then resorted to asking for help online? Idk man, me personally, I'd just go back to GC or some other forum and do it all over again til I finally don't get any "assistance" and turn some piece of shit in that I do 2.5 hours before the class and THEN learn my lesson after hurting my grade.
    Good luck, dude.
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    It's hard to justify this, I know. To answer your question though, I know I wont because this isn't something I normally do, and I've learned my lesson at this point. It's not going to hurt my grade either way, because whether or not I get the easy way out or complete it the hard way it's going to get done by tonight. I have 12 hours before class. Just no sleep in the past 24 (edit: 30) lol.
    I'm gonna pass out right when I hand her the essay.
    Lay on the floor right there and sleep.
  12. You already have two pages done bro.

    Get off GC and just finish it, lol. I would give you one for real, but mine have all been submitted to Turnitin(.)com so you'd be fucked either way.
  13. What's the count bro? Is this 6 or 7 this week? lol
  14. Do it yourself knew you had it due etc. I had to write two 5+page single spaced papers last semester, and have 3 this semester. Minimum required sources was 5, I had 19.Come on now man. It is not that hard. It should be fun =/
  15. Just five? Doesn't sound that bad...
  16. Yeah I'm on page 4 right now. I might as well do the last one. Thanks anyway everyone. You all gave me motivation in some way or another lol.
  17. Let me read it. I'm fantastic at English, and you always need a proof-reader. Paste it in here. I'll correct it for you. That way you still get a good grade but you also wrote your own paper. I made a 97 and a 94 on my papers last semester, and one was for a class called "prof research and reporting" yeah. would love to help.
  18. nope

    yo bad

    this is college. accept the zero/F you will receive and next time don't do the same shit again.
  19. many professors use which uploads your paper and compares it to a massive Internet search for wording and paraphrasing.

    Pretty sure you get kicked out of college if they catch you doing this.

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