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Calling all Social/General Anxiety / panic attack sufferers

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mrsoft47, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys, I get heaps bad social / general / panic attacks, debilitating my life..... suck along with depression.

    So I've read about THC/CBD content in different strains and quite frankly i'm not to comfortable with the THC but I like it when I'm by myself...

    Here the thing though, I recently just grew two Suomi Hemp seeds from VCB (Vancouver seed bank)

    I'm not advertising for them but here it is.

    out of the two they were both fellas and I let them grow about 1.5 months and only got leaf off them.

    So I rolled a spliff out of the leaf and then went to my sons basketball game about an hour and a half later. I felt no stone - seriously felt nothing, but then I felt no anticipatory anxiety , So I started talking to people in authority and these guys usually set me off into panic attacks ( I don't understand it) So I start talking and joking and .....nothing, normal, just nothing like no anxiety no panic attacks nothing.....

    I urge anyone with social/panic attacks / general anxiety to try it out

    Peaceout let me know what you think.:wave::wave:
  2. Send me some :D
  3. Weed without the stone? :eek:
  4. They were males and you smoked the leaves.

    This is why you DIDNT get stoned.
  5. will smoking males really have any benefit?
  6. Leave do in fact give effect when smoked but it's very mild yet noticeable.
  7. Male cannabis plants have SIGNIFICANTLY less CBDs and THC content. They aren't worth the health risk of actually smoking them. You may have gotten a placebo effect, but there's not enough of any psycho active substance in male plants to cause that effect for you OP.
  8. Not so - Suomi Hemp has almost no THC, we can legally grow it here in Australia in NSW, because you can't get stoned but it still has CBD,

    Even when I grow the females they will not get you stoned, But it deals with the Depression / Anxiety / Panic attacks

    Research CBD, this really is the other %50 crutch of medical marijuana.

    well you may think placebo, but I say good luck to you obviously don't have panic disorder. and you obviously don't know the difference between hemp and MMJ

    Just throwing it out there for ya all, It doesn't matter either way, I'll be happy when I get some females happening.

    The seeds are cheap as chips, like 30 for $10 - because nobody wants them, or at least hardly anyone.

    The whole point of low thc hemp is that even if you smoke a bud you don't get stoned, but just because it's low thc doesn't mean other beneficial cannabinoids aren't present.

    The same goes for Skunk, It's genetically predisposed to have high THC with stuff all CBD, thats why we have so many people with underlying mental illness sent off the rails when they touch this stuff.

    think about the logic and research hemp

    Just trying to help, I don't wanna start a fight or anything so if you disagree fair enough, but i've read plenty of stuff on CBD, sufferered with Panic Disorder, and just want to offer some help.

    lets leave it at that

    peace to all
  9. CBD IS the better cannabinoid for anxiety related therapy, maybe you should do an extraction with the male parts and smoke/vape that, as you will build a tolerance to such a tiny amount of cannabinoids.
  10. This might not be true but I think that leaves might have more CBD/THC ratio then the bud. It would be cool if there where strains with more CBD then THC though.

    CBD is the precursor to THC, so i would believe that when trichomes are clear, they contain mostly CBD and less THC, when they are white, they are mostly THC and CBD, and when they are amber, they are mostly CBN with THC and CBD. So harvesting bud when the trichmes are clear would probably be better if you are targeting for mostly CBD. I'm not totally sure though. And then strain would effect that as well, indicas produce more CBD.
  11. #11 mrsoft47, Sep 15, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 15, 2009
    Either ways guys, Thought I'd let ya all know, I'll repost in a few months after I have some Hemp flowers.

    I'm not entirely sure that CBD is the precursor to THC, if that were so then early harvesting of any high THC flower would result in inversly high levels of THC e.g a skunk with 22% THC .1% CBD harvested early could theoretically if harvested early yield 22%CBD .1%THC..... If only it were that easy.

    I think I read that CBN or one of the other Cannabinoids are precursors... But yeah THC/CBD compete with each other in a sense thats why so many high THC strains have stuff all CBD if any.......

    read that CBD isn't the precursor 4 sure :)

    This also explains why in theory anyway the industrial hemp has higher levels of CBD, still probably very low but it puts a can on the THC and also the realtively "higher" levels of CBD would help with all the anxiety stuff. Anyways I'll grow a batch of Suomi hemp and hopefully not get busted because they are tall and stringy and easy to spot, and when I get some female flaowers to smoke I'll let ya'all know

    Apparently Ruderalis the ditch weed of europe has high levels of CBD / low THC and is a nice and short plant... the exact characterstics I would like.

    Once again not trying to make waves but I know how GAD/SAD/PD/Depression ruins lives and I am only trying to help, and since we all pump weed into our lungs already, I can't see any harm in further guinea pigging ourselves, gotta be better than big pharma medicine....

    Peace all
  12. Yes rudarleis does have higher levels of CBD than THC. Ironically I am quit afraid of the psychoactive effects after a very bad panic attack while high a year ago, havent smoked since and have developed severe anxiety towards anything mind altering. Wonder what it would be like to try just pure CBD though.

    CBD and CBC = precursor to THC
    CBN = degenerative product of THC
  13. Probably be very calming..... I'm trying to track down some ruderalis seeds, There's a guy in europe who sends off one off orders sometimes so i'm hoping he'll oblige, I think that would be interesting.

    and as for the precursor thing We will have to agree to disagree.:wave:
  14. Theres justy tons of awsome info in here, great thread. I am gonna look into this Suomi Hemp for sure. If it has high CBD then in thoery it should work on pain and such correct? I have a client who partakes in eating for her pain but hates the side effect (the high) of the TCH. I was actually think of trying to breed her a specfic strain for just that reason. Now it looks like I can save myself alot of time and aggravasion and as a boost it I may even save money vs reg seeds!:hello: Wow i dont believe I didnt think of that, i gotta go there some answers i have to find Peace and thank you.
  15. i read that for racing brain syndrome, a type of add, it is beneficial to smoke low grade weed, possibly the leaves, for cbd calming without the psychactive THC
  16. I suffer from depression and social anxiety, yet for me I love sativas high in THC, I find I often get semi-intense depression after smoking heavy indicas at times, its strange how complicated weed is.
  17. Yeah when they say high CBD I think that is a relative thing, unless someone could quantify that by growing and getting some tested. I don't have any access to a lab that does that, unless I want to advertise "like hey BTW guys I'm a grower come and arrest me":D

    But again for the naysayers I will have to grow some to flower and repost. I already anecdotal y experienced but they were male, and in alot of peoples opinion there is no THC in males.

    I think to get some pure ruderalis would be the go though. I'm on the hunt
  18. let me know how it goes.

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