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  1. What am I looking at here?

    [ame=]Interdimensional Lifeform Entity Crash Lands,Hopi Prophecy,They come in the form of Clouds - YouTube[/ame]
  2. It looks like a very large and loose piece of cotton batting being blown about by the wind to me.
  3. looks like someone edited a cloud and made it move around the shot?

    i dont know.
  4. What you have here is a giant cotton ball
  5. So far these answers are unacceptable!

    Come at me smart people.
  6. Sorry, you have a super intelligent, shape shifter from the galaxy butt fuck that traveled here through a wormhole and took on the shape of a giant cotton ball to blend in with the clouds. Is that acceptable?

  7. [​IMG]
  8. well for a life form that has mastered interdimensional travel; it seems to be having a lot of trouble with a relatively mundane earth fence.
  9. What is it then?
  10. Maybe chain link fence is it's kryptonite! :p
  11. Yea looks like cotton like they roll up for Halloween spider webs
  12. How would it move the way it is in that video though.

    Its obviously not cotton. The guy put his hand through it.
  13. Looks like he pushed a bunch of cotton around and then acted like he swooped his hand through it at the end
  14. y'know, not everything on video is actually what it looks like.

    they didn't actually create giant transforming mechanical men for the movie transformers, im not saying this is all video editing and im not expert, but in this case that seems to be the most likely conclusion which is what this is all about really isn't it? playing the probabilities because no one can be sure.

  15. Thats more what Im leaning towards on this.

    Special effects.

    Its definitely not cotton or soap bubbles. Anyone who looks at it longer than 20 seconds can tell u that.
  16. Interdimensional semen.
  17. Tampax mascot
  18. maybe its an experimental surveillance drone using some form of nanotechnology?

    or its a big piece of cotton.
  19. AFFF Systems are used by militaries and air forces around the world. They're also used by various bio-chemical research laboratories.

    Stuff like AR-FP will actually persist in an environment for days or weeks.

    Seems to fit.
  20. [quote name='"Stigma"']So far these answers are unacceptable!

    Come at me smart people.[/quote]

    Its dawn dish soap bubbles

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