Calling All Pollen Chuckers

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  1. Id love to seem some crosses that some of the fine folks here at Grass City have made. It's one of my favorite threads on another forum and I would love to see it take off here. Hell I'll even go first. Here's Mystery Mint Cookies X Silver Tip X Lemon Alien Dawg. Breed by yours truly and grown out buy a mate of mine. IMG_1409.JPG
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  2. I may even go second too. This is Purple Voodoo from Big Worm X Silver Tip X Lemon Alien Dawg. IMG_1410.JPG
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  3. Tangerine Power from Sin City pregnant with White Chocolate Covered Strawberries seeds. Pure orange!!! IMG_1411.JPG
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  4. Here's some of the prodigy from the Tangerine Power. IMG_1413.PNG
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  5. hi man, damn thats some nice crosses you have done there! good idea to get this thread happening to, hope to see plenty of different types been pollen chucked here, i need to take some fresh pics tomorrow then i will post them, sadly mine are only in veg though have been flipped a few days ago so some nice white hairs should be visible soon...cheers
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  6. just found a few pics taken last week, GDP x Mosca C99
    IHG Platinum Buffalo x GDP x Mosca C99
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  7. Cannaventure Girl Scout Cookies Mix x Cannarado Barney Rubble
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  8. finally dried and packed this seasons pollen chuck beans away today...

    G1 – IHG Platinum Buffalo(f) x Cannarado Barney Rubble(m)
    G2 – IHG Platinum Buffalo(f) x 3C(GDP x Mosca C99)(m)
    H1 – IHG Timeless Montage(f) x Cannarado Barney Rubble(m)
    H2 – IHG Timeless Montage(f) x 3C(GDP x Mosca C99)(m)
    H3 – IHG Timeless Montage(f) x G.A.S. Cherry Sherbet(m)
    I - IHG Do-Lato(f) x Cannarado Barney Rubble(m)
    J - IHG Cactido(f) x Cannarado Barney Rubble(m)
    K – Dynasty Caramel Haze(f) x 3C(GDP x Mosca C99)(m)
    L - Cannarado Barney Rubble(f) x G.A.S. Cherry Sherbet(m)
    M – Cannaventure Girl Scout Cookies Mix(f) x Barney Rubble(m)
    N – D1(UK Cheese x Blueberry x Mikado(f) x Barney Rubble(m)
    O – 6C(MK Ultra x Mosca C99(f) x 3C(GDP x Mosca C99)(m)
    P1 – 2B(Cannaventure Raspberry Kush cacao pheno) x Mosca C99(f)
    x G.A.S. Cherry Sherbet(m)
    P2 – 2B(Cannaventure Raspberry Kush cacao pheno) x Mosca C99(f)
    x Cannarado Barney Rubble(m)
    Q1 – 3C(GDP x Mosca C99)f x Cannarado Barney Rubble(m)
    Q2 – 3C(GDP x Mosca C99)f x G.A.S. Cherry Sherbet(m)
    R1 – Bay Exclusives Tiramisu Cookies(lanky very resinous pheno)f
    x G.A.S. Cherry Sherbet(m)
    R2 – Bay Exclusives Tiramisu Cookies(short OGKB pheno)f x
    Cannarado Barney Rubble(m)
    S1 – Trichome Jungle Ginger Bread(f) x G.A.S. Cherry Sherbet(m)
    S2 – Trichome Jungle Ginger Bread(f) x Cannarado Barney Rubble(m)

    now...whats in next seasons chucks? lots to consider!
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  9. Damn my friend!!! That's an impressive list. It's all about genetic preservation, free seeds, and pure fun.
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  10. thanks bro, am just breeding up to capacity & taking advantage of my blessed position in a remote part of the planet, many yrs passed when it was impossible to breed even a few as circumstances were much different than they are now
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  11. have you chopped that Purple Voodoo yet? looks fantastic, like to hear how the terpines and smoke come across?
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  12. No smoke report on that on yet my friend, but it will be coming in the future. How did the platinum buffalo smoke my friend? Was see as good as advertised?
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    Earlier grows of PV were very floral. Smoke was middle of the road but the plants were gorgeous.Here's one that was chopped early and I hope that I can find her again. IMG_1421.PNG
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  14. @greenbeans420 iI smoke a blunt nightly, so correct me if I'm wrong. This is a MJ forum isn't it? Are we the only ones that like letting a little pollen fly?
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  15. looking forward to your report on that 1 man! both the Platinum Buffalo i grew were fully seeded up, so by the time they were mauled and squeezed and sieved to remove seeds there is a noticeable decline in character of the end smokable product, it certainly had a strong effect and tasted ok, but im having to wait for its offspring to mature to get an unadulterated impression
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  16. hmmm a lot of purp types fit that agenda with middleoftheroad potency, im thinking of hitting my purp types with a power strain that has all the needed qualities to be an allrounder, that Raspberry Kush x C99 fits the bill! but also newly acquired IHG Sweet Purple Pie(Purple Punch x Sweet Cherry Pie) may make a top purp stud as well, she has got some real potency & carries the color well too
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  17. hi ummmmm im not sure whats happening on this site? im only new here...but it seems only ghosts atm?
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  18. I just started my hand at breeding. I'm a fellow chucker at this point! ✌
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  19. Welcome to the club my friend. Feel free to share any pictures and talk about your upcoming projects.
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