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  1. So ive heard that MG is ok to use, and then I hear people say its bad to use. So I would like to get some input from you users of MG that have had sucess and everything worked out ok.

    My plant is almost a week old and currently in some MG seed starting mix, I know in a couple weeks im going to have to transplant it into some better soil, but im trying to keep it local. So any suggestion from you MG people? Like something from either home depot or lowes. I was looking at the organic choice soil from MG but thought I would see what you guys had used. I know fox farm is the best, but I dont think you can get that at home depot or lowes can you?

  2. i use miracle grow and i dont have any problems. just remember dont throw a whole bunch of fert on it cus it already has.
  3. anybody else out there?? ideas?
  4. IMHO MG is a cheap commercial brand

    Plant's need nutrients and MG Has technically yes it will grow your plants, now the people who say it sucks are basing their opinion off experience, they use MG and get X amount of bud

    Then they try different nutrients like Fox Farm or GH or some other brand and get amazingly different results from how much the plants yeilds to the growth and vigor of the plants while they were growing...

    If MG is all you can afford i would recommend waiting until you get the cash for some better nutes
  5. well I have been growing my plants in a dirt mg perlite mix
    they seem to be working well. I also have some seedlings that are growing in a mix of mg garden soil. these seedlings have taken off with a bang.I am growing the lowlife auto mix. I would go for the mg gardening soil if growing autos. and use a deep pot for them

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  6. If youre a beginner to growing i wouldnt recomend MG, alot of the people that say its ok have been growing for a while and know what can and cant be done with miracle gro, if you want a better idea of it go the sick plant section and see how many people have had issues with it.
  7. ya i understand that. This is just my very first grow so im not looking to yield a whole lot. Just growing for the experience and to have some smokeable trees :) hehe. So with that said will miracle grow still get me a decent amount of buds? I mean my 2nd grow maybe ill try some fox farm nutes
  8. im using miracle grow and the only prob ive had so far is gnats, and ive heard they come in mg soil. the other thing ive heard is itll make ur stuff taste like dirt because u cant flush out the "time release nutrients" but thier onl supposed to last 3 months anyways and it takes about 3 months to grow, so ill let u kno when i harvest i guess lol. i will def b using fox farm next time tho cuz the gnats r a pain, and im sure fox farm has its rep for a reason. look up a local nurserry im sure if they dont hav fox farm theyll hav some kind of organic grow thats better than mg.
  9. The issue that most people have with MG is with their soils, not their nutes. Having time-released fertilizer in your soil can cause a bunch of problems. You are better off with a commercial soil without nutes, and add your own. The nutes aren't bad, they just need to be used properly. I have had good results with the nutes, but not the soil.
  10. oh word i gotcha. Well I guess for now ill just stick with MG and maybe everything will go ok. Im gonna start a grow journal, so ill def keep you guys up to date
  11. I would try to leech some of the nutes outa the soil...I herd of people who flush their MG soil so by the time their plants are about to finish flowering they can achieve a 0 EC

    I think people drench the soil for about a week before actually planting...i dunno the exact time frame..check there might be a sticky err 2 up in GC about just that
  12. this is completely true. when i used to grow outdoors i used them. the only thing is that theyre considered pretty "hot" nutes. so you wanna use them very sparingly. start with 1/8-1/6 strength.

    your best bet is to go to lowes/home depot and got spaghnum peat moss (idk if i spelled the first word right so i bolded peat moss), and some perliet (NOT MG) you want perlite with no all. and add the peat and perlite 50%/50%. BUT before you put the plant in it, make sure you get into it and work the water into it because peat is kinda resistant to water until you get it all mixed up. ive been using that and it works just fine. i usually use humboldt nutes, but if i run out, screw it im gunna go get the "quick start MG" because its a 4-12-4.
  13. You need to listen to this gentleman.

    And then theres there gnats.....
  14. Never had a problem with MG or, any potting soil really. I think FFOF is the best if you can afford it. I think that for all the time and care that goes into a crop you need to give it the best chance you can.
  15. i use MG organic. seems like people said they had good results with it so i decided to go for that. besides its the only thing i could come near to getting around here. the nearest place that sells fox farms is like an hour away and i dont want to drive that far.
  16. im growing in miracle gro moisture control with 21-7-14 i believe... and they are vigorously grew tall the plants i have now flowering are plants that were growing in my front yard and side yard that randomly sprouted, i transplanted them into the miracle gro and they took off i dont know how the buds will taste but after reading about people flushing that seems like a good idea having the high Nitrogen content that this dirt has.. i also have been mixing in a banana peel and banana basically the whole banana blended in water to increase the potassium for flowering and give a boost of sugars hope they turn out ok
  17. damn, i never thought about the banana thing. lemme know how that works i may try that out.
  18. The plant harvested in my signature was grown with MG. It grew some nice looking bud, only minor def's. Anyways i hanged it for a week cured it in jars for a month. After all that, the weed gets you high as fuck, taste is decent, But it burned very black and somtimes even went out, I flushed my 3 gallon pot with 20gallons of water, then feed her only water for last three weeks of her life. MY only conculusion is that its from the shitty ferts from MG, Has anyone else had this problem? Oh and i dont need like 3 nerds telling me its cause of bad drying/curing, cause the method i use is fullproof.
    Anyways man in the short MG will grow good bud, but if your a upscale educated marijuana smoker you will not be pleased by the final product other then the HIGH.

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    i've used mg organic soil before.i mixed it with promix,or some other soil with no nutes based around peat,perlite and vermiculite. this mix was 50-50,mg with promix. then add dolamite lime at 1 cup per 5 gallon can also add 10% more perlite to the mix,just don't use the stuff with time release in it.your trying to cut down on the mg nutes,not add more.
    when i first started with this mix, i had issues with fungus gnats. this was taken care of by using spectracide once and done during the vedge cycle or the beginning of flowering only.this stuff works very well,but stays with the plant for up to 22 days.once you kill the eggs,the flyers will die off and not be able to reproduce in the soil.
    when flowering,i added earth juice grow,bloom and catalyst,there strength depended on the week of the bloom stage.i did not remove the grow part untill the 5th week of bloom. i did not add any nutes the 7th or 8th week,and harvested at the end of the 8th week.
    after drying and a good cure[one month],the smoke was smooth,did not hit your lungs like a ton of bricks,and worked very well,getting you high for hours.experienced smokers could not tell i used mg soil as a base in my soil mix.
    one last note,the plant i grew was a pure 100% indica.if you grow a sativa,they do not require alot of nutes,this will burn them.i tryed this mix with chronic and burned the hell out of them.
    last but not least,harvested almost 2000 grams using two 1000 watt lights with poor bulbs.
  20. Yeah, I have some MG shit that has no nutes at all, says 100% organic on the side. Not sure where it's from. I used it though and it's great.

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