Calling all Möbius owners Need help with Möbius glass

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  1. So I've decided to go with a more scientific approach on my next bong purchase. I've narrowed it down to Möbius from SG and SGW. Just trying to get some feedback. I really am digging the stereo matrix or the clear strato w/matrix. Now what's the main difference between T and B models. And the 60 and 65 series. Any feedback and pics/bids would be awesome. Thanks all
  2. The main difference between the T and B is the mouthpiece. Beyond the obvious in that regard, the B's is a bit thicker. I think the B looks more solid/thicker glass overall. Boils down to personal preference as I don't think there's functionally anything different. The shape of the can is slightly different too, given the placement of the B's mouthpiece.

    The main difference between the 60 and 65 is the size of the can, with the 65 being slightly wider and taller. The 60 is enough, in my opinion, and most seem to prefer it. Although seeing as how you mentioned the Strato, you may consider the 65.

    For what it's worth, I have the 60T and Nano Matrix. GF surprised me with the Atom bubbler last week too. They're all great pieces and you'll most certainly dig whatever you choose. If you're considering the Strato, I'd definitely consider the Nano as well. They're extremely smooth and a great size, in my opinion.
  3. Thanks man for the review. I don't have a bubbler in my collection either, maybe I'll loom into those. Only problem is I'm not too much of online purchaser especially with glass. I can't find an authorizes retailer in CT anywhere. Any history with online ordering?
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    Yeah man, for sure. I've ordered Mobius pieces from AquaLab and KultureVA. They're both really legit so no worries there. The process is slightly easier through AquaLab because Kulture requires you to take a picture of your ID for proof of age. AquaLab charged me sales tax, but that might just be because I'm in Cali.

    Heads up though- AquaLab has a sale starting on the 4th. Everything on their site will be 15% off so I'd wait a couple days and order from them if I were you. They also have a bigger selection, which is always a plus.

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