Calling all lefties!

Discussion in 'General' started by InferiorWang, Jul 25, 2003.


What ____-handed are you?

  1. Left handed

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  2. Right handed

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  3. Ambidextrous

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  4. That's just mean because I don't have arms, but I can write with my feet!

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  1. I got to wondering who here is left handed, right handed, ambidexterous, has no arms etc. Have any of you lefties ever noticed how lefties just seem to get along? Me, I'm left handed.
  2. both my parents are left for my brother and i.....we're both right handed....strange...
  3. The only leftie in my family.
  4. ^ O yea! same here, cept one of my grandmas is too.

    left handess rocks!
  5. i used to left handed but after i broke my left arm i lernt to use my rite so now im ambidextrus or however u spelll it lol
  6. I'm ambidextrus,moms left my dads right

    A LH person is only good in baseball for a pitcher(no sa)
    my friend that bass fishes with me is left,i bust his chops all the
  7. Left handed here too....
  8. I'm a southpaw. Some things I do with my right like using scissors.
    It sucks being left-handed in a right-handed world!

  9. I'll smoke to that!!
  10. i'm right handed, but there are many things i do the wrong way around like i'm left handed. such as hold a guitar, swing a baseball bat, hold a fork & knife etc.
  11. im right handed but drive with my left hand, cuz usally im smoking or something with the right
  12. lol james..... im right handed anywayz
  13. As I said before, I'm left handed. I play pool right handed, but can shoot left handed, too. I shoot a rifle right handed, but I'm ambidextrous with a pistol. I use scissors right handed. I used to always drive with my left hand and I kept my right hand on the shifter (after I learned stick I even do it in autos) or on the e-brake (for spur of the moment e-brake slides). Now I usually drive with my right hand and have a cigar in my left or I'll hold on to the top of the window frame and kinda brace myself through the high speed turns. I play guitar and iron right handed, too. I can write with either hand, but I use my left. I eat with my left. And I'm usually in a left handed state of mind, something that right handed people just don't understand.
  14. You left handed freaks! I'm right handed.
  15. Right on right handed...
  16. YUP! i'm left handed ;)
  17. ambidextrious, broke right had 2 times, left collarbone once, do evertying with right hand xcept write which is left
  18. i just use the hand that feels natural in the task at hand. mainly my left naturally. but my right get some use too, like scissors, screwdrivers, powerdrills. i don't know, i just do it.

    wasen't there a previous thread somewhere about the superiority of us lefthanders :)
  19. i light with both hands, i prefere to hold my jay n my left hand :p lol
  20. only lefty in the family also!

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