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calling all joint rollers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PhishPhan, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. i've been rolling for along time, and i was wondering what shape, paper material/size preference and any pre smoking rituals you have

    i usually use king size or 1 1/4 hemp papers in a cone shape.

    what about YOU?
  2. lion of judahs, or king size pure hemps for the paper...

    I gotta go with the cone shaped spliffs...w/ 3 parts bud andone part american spirit natural rolling tobacco just so it burns evenly....

    IMO i think this is the best combo...enough bud to taste it over the tobacco, but enough tobacco to keep the damn thing burnng...MM MMM GOOT!
  3. i love hemp. dont use much else, if I can help it...but it doenst *really* matter now does it? lol..I like the big bambu's, and I rip of a little bit so theres not a whole lot of unnecessary paper for a decent sized J..and the shape, I dig the round, flat long sleek looking J's with the lil twists at the end *drool*
  4. do you have a hard time keeping it buring even ? or just burning.. i dont put any baccy in mine and it burns even right down to the roach

    i use hemp all the time too, i dont know but it tastes better to me, maybe i just feel better because im smoking more of the plant..

    does anyone use crutches?
  5. I use Smoking deluxe 1 1/4 papers. Nice thin rice papers that burn slow. I make them fairly straight and cylindrical. No tobacco, filter, or cardboard roach for me, either. I've never had a problem with them burning and I don't want to inhale tobacco so I've never put tobacco in my j's.
  6. I usually roll using king size papers, and do it in a cone. Pack it tight, so not to let it burn too quick. Always make sure its coned, if it ain't coned I can't smoke it.
  7. I'm not as particular about the paper...I think that the moisture and tightness of the weed is more important...I like to keep my weed in a humidor so it maintains the proper moisture (around 70% humidity)...if its too moist/too humid it'll stick & constrict the draw...sometimes, I'll add a bit of a lime or orange peel to help with the humidity and give it a bit of extra flava...then develop the touch to roll it to the right density so that it draws, but doesn't burn too least for me, if the weed is packed right, the paper type doesn't matter as much...
  8. I used to spin with tobacco but now it uses too much tobacco so now I just use a tobacco plug, I don't know where I learnt this from, does anyone else use a plug?
  9. I sometimes use a tabacco plug in my blunts.. but when I roll jays I usually just try not to fuck up.. I like to make an even joint. I can concentrate and roll a really good one, but if someone is fucking with me or i'm trying to do it quick, i'll mess up.. bong......... later on

  10. now that takes some talent to roll & stay in 1 piece...i'd probably end up having to staple it shut..
  11. i use rips hemp rolls, 1.25 inch width, i love picking the length of the joint

  12. same. it's hard at first to get em nice and tight, but once you can get it with rice papper you can do anything

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