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calling all insomniacs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ShelMikedMu, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. me: sigh, ok. i admit it. my name is Shel and I'm an insomniac.

    you: HIGH SHEL

    me: High. so, ive been an insomniac for a ling time, any advice?
  2. drink a lot of NyQuil before going to bed. or toke up a few hours before you want to go to sleep and take an all-night weed nap.
  3. Yeah sometimes i have trouble sleeping if i am not baked before i go to bed, also i like to smoke indicas before i go to bed makes just really relaxed
  4. Weed puts me to sleep.
  5. im an insomniac but only when i dont toke like last night when i was out of bud i didnt sleep all night god i love you high girly you are the greatest for being a female pothead. you know i think a lot of people would appreciate seeing a picture of you since your such a great member of GC
  6. i know i love girl potheatds too!!

    we should all praze the girl potheads!!

    peraise be to thems!!!!!
  7. i've been struggeling on and off with insomnia since this past summer. it's a horrible thing, especially when i don't have any herb. but when i do, and i can't sleep, i just smoke more than i usually do till i pass out. kinda fun :) but insomnia is the worst :(

    and yes, highgirly, you are a true hero. lol
  8. try taking a melatonin pill about an hour before bed. It will help you clear your head and fall asleep.

  9. i have tried this, melanotin doesnt really work for me i dont know why weed halps sometimes
  10. don't use your bedroom for anything except sleeping. your mind has a tendency of thinking that you use your bedroom for being awake. if you only use your bedroom for sleeping, you unconciously trick your mind into being able to sleep better. weird aint it?
  11. id have to say im an imsomniac, for example, last night i got to bed round 12..... for about 5 minutes, realized i couldnt sleep and just started laying in bed staring at the cieling waiting to fall asleep, eventually i just came on the comp and browsed around here... got to bed actually round 4, then woke up just at 6:25
  12. nothing helps my sleeping habits... smoking dont most non persription things dont(nyquil ect.) i usually fall asleep around 4ish just staring at my wall.

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