Calling ALL Experts, Need Help ASAP... (pics)

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  1. okay all, im really upset...
    i was told to put my repost my post here and hopeful someone can help me, +++REP for anyone that can help me..

    there in pots
    they are about 2months and 3 weeks ( about )
    they are now living in a 3.5-4 gallon pot
    two of them are inside and i have on that is outside...
    i have only feed them 3 times.. im feeding them with MG 20-20-20, one teaspoon of epson salt and a cap full of hydrogin peroxide( the brown bottle ) per gallon of water... i started the ferts @ 1/4 strenght for the first two feeding, the third which was just the other day.. i moved it up to 1/2 strenght .. since then i been having nothing but problems...

    take a look...

    the one that i took inside was outside with the others.. she was getting the same treatment as the other 2, i transplanted her into a 5 gallon bucket with the same soil organic potting soil and i also used perlite( aswell with the others)i have a small 19x19x56 inchs cabinit that i put the one inside.. i installed 2 120mm fans one at the bottom facing in and the second on the top facing it bad to have the intake basically blowing directly onto the plant??? its light poof for the most part.. but no light what so ever gets into the box durning the off light hours.. just yesterday i took some foil and put it around the box to help reflect the light a little better.. i have 4 40w cfls running on 12/12.. (actul watts)the temps stay between 78.6- 85.0 the hottest ive seen it... i dont have a great ph tester which im still waiting for but the one i have stays its around 6.8 and it was dead on 6.8 when i feed it and its been down hill from there..

    no joke if anyone can help me.. im open ears, if you get get back to normal for me.. i will follow you around this site and +rep you till my fingers fall off..

    Thank you, anything is helpfull at this point..

    they where dark green before the last feeding and now its getting ulgy.. leafs curls ( not the tips ) from left to right, each finger.. color change, getting very light green.. and some tips are getting dark, like there burn and the others have whitish spots all over them(outside)...

    Pleaseee HEEEELLPPP im going NUTSSS :confused::mad:

    Just letting everyone know, im throwing in the towel on this grow....
    everyday im just getting pissed off more and more, problem after problem.. 2 out of the 4 are died..the other two are on there way to being died

    the outside one that was completely burn or whatever happened to it.. i planted that into the ground, dosent seem to be getting any better..

    the other two outside.. are getting worse by the day... i give them 3 more days until there are died too

    & the one inside has only been getting worse and worse now all the green leaves are curled up and about to fall off... it not worth it.. i thought i was doing something good and all i ended up doing was killing my crop even faster... Awesome

    here is a few pictures, youre telling me you wouldnt throw in the towel too....



    this is all over almost every leaf now.. and this isnt even one of the bad leaves


    Now for the mess inside...





    here are two pics 3 days ago, look at the differnce, (outside)



    & this is one for my little girl inside, before all the troubles.. im sure you wouldnt be happy either...


    what do i do.. im so stumped, what do i do with the one inside.. the ones outside.. i think i was to flush and see if i can get whatever ferts are left in them out.. the inside i have no idea what to do..

    any thing will be helpfull...

    Thank you in Advance

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  2. Im not an epert by any means, but I am pro at keeping it simple.\

    Have you tried giving them a water flushing? Pure water, PH balanced to ~5.8.

    Id also suggest cutting the salt and hp out of the equation, thats chemmy stuff that weed doesnt want or need
  3. no no, the tin foil is burning the ones inside. it doesnt reflect light, it directs it to one spot and burns the living hell out of it. immediately remove it and maybe just put white paper. NEVER use tin foil, it just burns holes. dont change nutes or anything, just remove tin foil. also, how hot are the ones inside getting? seems like theyre heat stressed

  4. i actully just tryed to flush them a little bit today.. i gave them a little more than a half of gallon each just the two outside..
    the salt and the hp, i was told by a fello grower that knows his stuff told me to use that because the fert that i am using doesnt have a few things that are needed..
    but i dont know what i am going to do about feeding if im even going to still use the nutes.. if i dont i wont use the salt or hp

  5. i thought so.. but to be honest this problem has been happening before i put it up.. i only put it up yesterday and i left it up all day i will take it down now.. i heard that it is okay, only if u put the dull side out.. but thats history.. im taking it down... the walls are painted white..
    the inside one is between 75 ish @ the lowest point and 85 the hottest i have ever seen it as well...
    its normally around 79.6-82.3
  6. depending on the soil u used to grow with i would say it looks like nute burn to me. good soil has most of what your plants need already without adding anything. even if your boy knows his shit don't mean that your particular strain/setup is going to handle the adds. its hard to say for sure. i would say keep it to distilled water alone for awhile and especially after you have just done a flush hopefully you will see improvements. after that i would think about transplanting into a good new soil if possible without adds again.
  7. Well, if this started happening right after the last feeding....I think that answers your question right there. Miracle Gro is pretty potent shit and should only be used at about half strength. A fert burn is the only possible thing that I can think of that would have caused such a quick and drastic change, any other ailments (heat stress, pH problems, over watering, etc) would have slowly appeared over time. Flush them out with at least the volume of the pots worth of water and they might be salvaged.
  8. +rep to you sir

    Forcing nutes is bad imo, let them tell you when they want more.
  9. When the yellowing starts on the top like that, it's often a immobile element deficiency. That's the thing with MG and similar chemicals, they don't have any. I can't tell which one your plants need, but I'd switch to a more complete diet. Things like Ca, Fe, Mn, Zn, they only need small amounts but they still need em. I can't say this is the solution to all your problems, but at least some. Those white spots could be light bleaching, but it doesn't usually stay between the veins like that. What light do you have them under?

    I tried distilled water once, and it turned out my tap water was giving my plants the calcium they need. On distilled, I got the worst Ca def. I've seen on what seemed to be a pretty Ca hungry strain. May not be your case, but I wanted to throw that in there anyway.

  10. i totally understand youre point.. i used the same soil throwout this grow.. i have been using MG Organic Choice... it feeds up to 2 months.. i did transplant them into there new pots less than a month ago... so maybe with the feeds and the new soil it didnt mix well together..
    what is the PH level on distilled water???

  11. thats is what i have been saying, but a few others say different.. they also use the same fert the they said that they have found good results with that one... that was only the third feeding that the plants got.. the first two where givein to the plant just about 2.5 months into the grow... then i transplanted them.. waited about a week and a half and then just gave them there third feeding... i think that i nutes didnt go well with the nutes that are in the soil... with that said, someone informed me that it is okay to feed them after you xplant because the NPK of potting soil is very minamal, do you think that could have affected my ladies?...

    i gave them half a gallon of water to each last night ( the outsdie ones) they are in 3.5 gallon pots go keep on flushing them and see what happens...

    today i just went to go check on them... looks like almost the whole plant is twisting and curling.. :mad:

    the first two feedings where are 1/4 strenght and the last was @ 1/2 strenght.. i was lowly building it up..

  12. what is Fe & Zn ( zink )???
    but it this way i am for the most part a rookie.. this is my first grow but if you give me something im interested in, i will follow through on it.... so with this grow i was posting alot of my problems on one thread which is im Absolute Begginers... " youre ? answered here" the guys over there thought me alot and are very helpful.. they guided me along my way and when i showed them what happened to my girls.. they didnt know what to say..
    me personally i dont think my laides are taking well to the MG i was thinking about cutting them off the ferts for good if they get better... someone also said they may die if you dont feed them.. if i do change my ferts is there anyone that you would recommend?? i have a total of 3 outside one inside.. im only talking about 2 outside because the other one is a few days away from dieing... so to answer youre question Flamming Gas a few light years away and 4 40 watt cfl's ( actully watts )
  13. they seemed to get a little worse when i looked @ them today more twisting and curling.. the color looks about the same.. im going to flush them again right now and check back on them later and see whats going on...

    Hey, Thank you Everyone that has any infomation to share with me.. +REP for everyone that has tossed in there 2 cents so far.. Thank You AGAIN...
  14. Sorry, Fe=Iron, Zn=Zinc, Ca=Calcium, Mn=Manganese. These are some of the nutrients your plants need that isn't included in the N-P-K and usually isn't included at all in things like MG. Your soil should have had some, but maybe you flushed them out. I did some more reading, and the discolorations on your plants look a lot like the patterns of micronutrient deficiencies. My advice would be to definitely get away from MG, flush the soil real well if possible (you don't want to flush every day so you don't drown the roots, so give it a chance to dry if you can) and go find better nutes. I used Fox Farms with pretty good results, but it's hard to find where I am. Had to go to a hydroponics shop to find good organic stuff, but they certainly do have everything you'd need. I've been out of the game for a while so I'm not going to be much help with what to use because I haven't had my eyes open in the big stores like Home Depot and Wal Mart like I used to, but someone should be able to recommend something easy to get. Browse your stores, read the packages, look for things like iron, calcium, sulphur, zinc, manganese, you should be able to find something to get you back on track.
    Keep your eye on pH too, because that can render nutrients useless and send you into a downward spiral.
  15. flush and bigger pots for more root space

  16. thank you.. im going to check into that... i do also want to change my ferts, so im going to read up on that as well..

    i seems to me that the leafs are curling up even more.. idk whats in store.. hopefully it stops and they come back to life.. only time will tell
  17. i did flush them.. i just xplanted them into these pots.. i dont want them to get to big and the strain is Kush, so its going to stay short and bushy
  18. MG does contain those micronutes, except for 1 or 2, which is why u suppliment w/ epsom salt.
  19. leaf curling & twisting is usually a sign of ph issues, chech the soil runoff ph. pour ph corrected water (6.8) in the pots & collect some of the runoff water from each pot seperatly & test that waters ph, it should be between 6.3-6.9.
  20. Thats what I thought as well at first, but it doesnt seem like any sort of mineral deficiency could affect a plant that drastically in just a few days...does it?

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