Calling all Day Z survivors

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  1. Sure man!

  2. Hey, i'm the founder of Survival Union and that must have been a bug as the only time i re-installed the server was a couple of months ago, before we started survival union.

    I'm happy to see all the attention we are getting from grasscity and would encourage more of you guys to come and join us. The password may have changed since you last played so feel free to contact buddha for the new password or visit our forums. You can always just email me for support and i will get back to you ASAP.

    PS: We decided to close Taviana to populate chernarus instead.

    Support email: admin at (myself).
    I will try to remain active on here, but chances are that i won't, so email me instead.


  3. Nah my dude we were on a different server, not the SU one.

    Haven't been on in like a week. Maybe I'll check out this SU server at the end on Sunday
  4. How's everyone liking the new patch?

  5. Definitely going to have to play this soon...

    ....after i dig myself out of the pile of HW I have to do :(

    what is this infection that you can get? Is it the same one where you cough and need the antibiotics?
  6. My group hasn't been playing all that much the past week and I've been swamped in homework as well.

    Yea, I think so. They're making antibiotics & heat-packs relevant. I practically never needed either of those before this patch.

  7. You should! We don't have a large population but we're a fun group of players.

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Dray!
  9. A can't wait for the standalone :D
  10. I've been runnin' solo the passed few days, never really tried being a bandit but its been pretty funny so far. Stole a few people's cars, made some dude blow up his car, crashed a heli, murdered like eight people in one life(my highest ever, I'm usually helpful not a killer:p)
    But alas, it gets boring as shit being alone so if anyone is down to team up add me on steam, username is THCemployEE or Bucky Chones..:laughing:

  11. Ill add you up! And I agree, playing bandit is just much more fun in my opinion. PvP in Day Z is intense as hell.
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    Hey guys, dunno if you saw or not, but some game play from the standalone was released yesterday. Ill find the video and post it.

    EDIT: Found the vid, here it is
  13. Yo, in like 45 minutes-1 hour RiskyBusiness and I are gonna rip some dayz on panthera. If anyone wants to play with us we could start up an ill squad.

  14. Looks like you and I are the only ones who still play this game on GC lol.

    Full Melt and I are gonna rock Taviana later tonight at around 7 or 8 central time (I think that's what it was). I've also got a buddy playing with us as well, so we're rolling three deep tonight. I encourage more people to join us...
  15. I play Day Z quite a bit, I'd be up for joining you guys.

    Add you on Steam?

  16. yo dude you should join us tonight on Taviana. add me on Steam Running_Naked.

  17. Just added you on Steam. If my squad on the SU server isn't on, I'll gladly join you guys!

  18. Fo sho. Me and a buddy were on earlier and scooped up some gear. He's got an m16 acog and a lee enfield (he got two kills with the lee from 300m, dude's got a hell of a shot) with a range finder and maybe he grabbed his coyote pack. He's also got a SAW for me. I'll just need a back pack and him and I are good to go and can help whoever else grab gear at air fields and barracks and we can rock.

  19. Dang, nice! Lee Enfield is a damn good rifle, people really underestimate it. I'm currently rolling with an M24 and M4A1 CC0 SD for back up. Proving to be a pretty sweet combo so far. I found a rangefinder, some NVGs, and an AS50 in a Ural yesterday. Put the AS50 in my tent, came on today, and it was gone. :( :mad:

    Will you guys be on tomorrow? I'll be down to play around 7 or so, central time.
  20. What map/mod of Day Z do you guys like to play the most?

    I'd have to say I love Day Z origins the most at the moment, so fun and refreshing. You can select one of three areas to spawn into on the map. Two of them are High PVP and medium PVP and the other is random, so it works out nicely.

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